If you made a Spotify playlist and it’s starting to get traction, you’re undoubtedly curious about who liked and followed it.

How to Find Out Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell who enjoyed your Spotify playlist. Each playlist’s total number of likes is displayed. Select Your Library, followed by your profile icon. Click View Profile, then Playlists. Each playlist’s name will be accompanied by a total number of likes.

Unfortunately, Spotify no longer allows you to dive down into who liked your playlist; instead, it merely shows the total number of individuals who loved it.

Spotify did have this capability back in 2013, but it was tragically removed.

The sole element in the product that allows you to see individual names/profiles is the list of people who follow your Spotify account/profile.

Will Spotify ever let you know who Liked your playlist?

Don’t get your hopes up.

A feature request to know who liked your Spotify playlist was made all the way back in 2013. (shortly after Spotify got rid of it).

Spotify fans have been voting and posting on that request within the Spotify Community forums for nearly a decade now, urging Spotify to make this feature a reality.

Over 22,000 Spotify users have requested this feature, and 1,700 have commented on the ticket, asking when it would be accessible!

Just last week, a Spotify user pleaded with the company to offer the feature.

“We’re marking this suggestion as ‘Not Right Now,’ because we don’t have any imminent plans to execute it. We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. If we have any new information to provide, you can be sure we’ll update this page.

It’s unclear why Spotify refuses to add the option to see who liked and followed your playlist.

What is obvious is that Spotify has no plans to add the feature anytime soon. Behold, public pressure.

However, if you want to do your part, you should vote for that feature request and leave a comment asking Spotify why it hasn’t been implemented yet.

Who knows if it will have any effect, but it’s worth a shot. There is strength in numbers!

Is there a way to find out who liked your Spotify playlist?

Unfortunately, there is a TON of clickbait on this topic, but there is no reliable workaround or hack to identify who loved your Spotify playlist.

I’ve watched endless hours of YouTube videos and read numerous articles on the subject, and NONE of them provide a working solution.

The majority of them advise you to wait until your Spotify profile receives a new follower before comparing your prior playlist like / follower statistics to determine if the individual who recently followed you also liked one of your playlists. 

To begin with, there is no way to prove that the new follower also liked your playlist.

Take my word for it: there is no hack for this.

Your best bet is to vote on and comment on the feature request, and then hope that Spotify implements it.

How to see how many likes and followers your Spotify playlist has

As previously stated, the only thing you can do with Spotify playlist likes / followers is see how many people liked / followed it.

To see how many likes / followers any of your playlists has on Spotify, open the app and then select Your Library at the bottom of the screen.

This will bring up a list of the songs and artists you’ve recently listened to. At the top of the screen, your profile icon and name will appear. Simply click on it.

You should now see your name at the top, with the words “View Profile” beneath it. View Profile (on a desktop, this will simply say “Profile”).

You can see all of your playlists, followers, and everyone you’re following from this page. When you click on Playlists, you will see a complete list of all your playlists.

Just below the playlist title, you should see the total number of likes / followers.

It’s worth noting that on the mobile app, Spotify refers to them as “likes,” whereas on the desktop version, they’re referred to as “followers. They are interchangeable.

Also, the number of likes / followers on the desktop version may appear to the right of the playlist title rather than directly beneath it.

How to Find Out Who Is Following Your Spotify Account

  • To see who follows you on Spotify, open the app and then select Your Library at the bottom of the screen.
  • This will bring up a list of the songs and artists you’ve recently listened to. When you click on Followers, you will see a detailed list of your followers.
  • Just scroll down to see everyone!


Spotify used to have a feature that allowed you to see who liked and followed your playlists, but they removed it in 2013.

All you can see now is the number of people who have liked or followed your Spotify playlist.

Since they removed the ability to see who liked / followed your playlist, it has been one of the most requested Spotify features nearly every year! Over 22,000 people voted in favour of it.

Nonetheless, Spotify categorised the request as “Not Right Now,” and they have not commented on it since 2019. It doesn’t appear that they have any plans to add it anytime soon.


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