Sony’s PS5 is one of the most powerful consoles on the market, supporting cutting-edge gaming features such as ray-tracing and 4K graphics. While the PS5 has some of the faster performance of any console, it is not cheap and is still in limited supply nearly a year after its release.

Given the PS5’s high price and scarcity, it makes sense to protect it from damage, especially if it’s being transported or stored. Many high-quality travel cases for the PS5 are available, with features such as rugged build quality and separate compartments to protect the console and controllers from scratches and scuffs.

1. Best overall PS5 travel case

Case Club PlayStation 5 Portable Gaming Station with Built-in Monitor

The PlayStation 5 Portable Gaming Station with Built-in Monitor from Case Club outperforms the majority of travel cases. The built-in monitor in the case’s lid is one characteristic that distinguishes the Case Club from its competitors. It is a 24-inch display with 1080p resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. Users can also purchase a 4K display with the same 60Hz refresh rate, but the upgrade will cost extra. A built-in display can be useful for on-the-go gaming, but it does require a separate connection and power source.

Aside from the display, this case has several other useful features. While on the go, users may connect their PS5 to the pair of speakers, and there’s also a USB hub to charge controllers. A pair of integrated fans keep the system cool throughout extended gaming sessions.

While the built-in monitor is its main selling feature, the Case Club bag is also tough and long-lasting. Its lightweight polypropylene construction is durable, and the seals around the sides keep the unit waterproof and dustproof. The Case Club bag includes wheels for easier transportation because it may weigh up to 35 pounds when completely loaded.

The Case Club PS5 travel bag is distinguished by its broad feature set. The problem is that its built-in monitor and other frills raise its price, putting it out of reach for most players. It’s still worthwhile for people who require the best protection and the ability to play on the go.

2. The best PlayStation 5 travel case

Casematix Hard Shell Travel Case

Without a built-in monitor, Casematix’s Hard Shell Travel Case provides comparable protection to the Case Club alternative. This case’s exterior is made of durable plastic, and it features four locks on the front and sides to keep it sealed tightly. There’s also a handy carry handle and sturdy padlock rings for those who require extra security. The Casematix Hard Shell Travel Case, like the Case Club alternative, is waterproof and features a gasket around the rim to effectively seal it.

Despite its tough exterior, the interior of the Hard Shell Travel Case is soft. The interior is made of plush foam and has cutouts for the console, controllers, and stand. Additional storage space is available beneath the console for games, cables, and other accessories. The soft egg-crate foam holds everything in place when the case is closed, guarding against damage.

Despite providing a comparable level of protection, the Casematix Hard Shell Travel Case is significantly less expensive than the Case Club option. It’s strong and durable, but when loaded with the PS5 and its attachments, it’s also weighty. This case is designed for customers who want the finest protection available, However, it may be difficult to transport due to the absence of wheels and a sling.

3. The best slimline PS5 travel case

USA Gear Ps5 Case

Users looking for more compact protection might pick the USA Gear PS5 Case. Instead of the previous alternatives’ hard plastic outer shell, it resembles a standard laptop bag with a ripstop nylon exterior. The exterior is water resistant, but not as much as the previously mentioned travel bags. It includes a carry handle and an adjustable shoulder strap, exactly like many laptop bags.

One of the best things about the USA Gear case is that it keeps the PS5 concept alive with blue inside and exterior trim. The console is stored at the bottom of the case, which is held in place by two security straps. There’s a massive storage space on top of the case, with six adjustable dividers to create compartments for the controllers, headset, and other accessories.

The PS5 case from USA Gear fits the console’s blue style and provides adequate protection for the console and accessories. It is significantly less expensive than the top two options, and it is also lighter and easier to move.

4. The most convenient PS5 travel case

Pierre Vedette PS5 Case Travel Bag

Some users prefer to transport their consoles without using their hands. The Pierre Vedette PS5 Case Travel Bag is designed as a backpack, allowing users to do other things while carrying their PS5 on their back.

The Pierre Vedette case, like the USA Gear case, has a nylon exterior rather than plastic. Despite being a softer material, it has additional support to protect the console and its accessories. To minimise scratches, the interior is lined with plush velvet.

The PS5 Case Travel Bag by Pierre Vedette has a practical design that makes it ideal for users on the go. It is divided into three sections, with each one becoming progressively smaller. The console is kept in the largest compartment, while the controllers and other small accessories are kept in the second and third.

This travel bag is less expensive than the others mentioned thus far, and it is the most practical for long-distance trips when users have additional luggage to transport. It doesn’t offer the same amount of security as the best solutions, but that’s understandable given the low price.


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