Google just unveiled the Pixel 3a, a low-cost alternative to the popular Pixel family. If you’ve recently purchased the Pixel 3a and are considering safeguarding it with a case, you’ll know that finding the exact case you’re searching for might be difficult. Wallet cases, in particular, are extremely useful because they allow you to keep cards and even cash at times.

With this in mind, we chose to create a list of the best wallet cases for the Google Pixel 3a. Given the variety of options available, you’re likely to find something that works for your smartphone. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the finest wallet case to cover Google Pixel 3 phones.

Best Pixel 3a Cardholder Wallet Case

1. Case for the Foluu Pixel 3a

As you can see, this is a well-designed wallet cover for the Google Pixel 3a. It is composed of superior grade leather and is encased in a TPU shell to safeguard your smartphone. The edges enable flat resting of the phone on a surface without the display being touched, which is a feature I look for in every smartphone cover.

All of the cuts were done with a precision mould to ensure that they were absolutely compatible with your Pixel 3a. The case also includes its own kickstand, which allows you to view media in landscape mode by just putting the phone on a flat surface. However, in terms of wallet storage, the case appears to be insufficient, with only one card slot. This case is available in five different colours.

2. Wallet for AMOVO Pixel 3a

This is a standard wallet case that allows you to carry a few cards as well as some cash if necessary. Despite the case’s thickness, the firm claims it supports wireless charges. This wallet case, like others, is made of a blend of leather and TPU to provide both style and durability.

Although it is slightly larger than other wallet cases, the fact that it can hold so much makes it unimportant. The case is available in a variety of colours from the firm.

3. Elegant Pixel 3a Case

The Chic Pixel 3a case is a small package, yet it can easily contain three cards and some cash. Needless to say, the slim design conceals the majority of its compartments, making it an ideal smartphone cover for everyone. RFID shielding does not appear to be available here, which is bad.

You can effortlessly mount this as a kickstand for your smartphone thanks to the material utilised and the onboard magnet. The case protects your phone against drops by absorbing almost all of the impact, thanks to the company’s Moulded Edge technology. This is unquestionably one of the most cost-effective solutions on this list.

4. Arae Pixel 3A Cases

This case is available in a variety of appealing colours and is made of high-quality PU leather. The inner skin cover is made of TPU, which increases the case’s durability by being scratch resistant. This case’s anti-scratch materials keep your phone spotless at all times. The combination of magnets used here allows you to quickly fold up the case to convert it into a kickstand.

This is one of the most important features of any wallet case, and it is also why most people prefer it. Customers can store up to four cards in this case, and there is a separate slot for cash. Case cutouts are extremely important on a device with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. Fortunately, the case includes all of the necessary cutouts and openings for the Pixel 3a.

5. Google Pixel 3A Feitenn Cases

For those who favour darker leather patterns over vibrant colours, this is a good choice. You can choose between the colours black, brown, or yellow. In addition to storing up to three cards and cash, the case protects your smartphone from drops with a dual layer of protection. While the flap covers the front, the area that holds the phone together is made of durable TPU, which absorbs all of the impact from a drop. Unsurprisingly, this case includes a kickstand function that allows you to rest your phone in landscape mode. The case has perforations for the earpiece, allowing you to talk while the flap is closed.

6. Google Pixel 3a Wallet Case Olixar

The standard wallet case has been updated to look more stylish. Although it doesn’t have as much storage as some other wallet cases, it does have some design advantages. It’s comforting to know that this case is compatible with nearly all wireless chargers given that wireless charging is one of the distinguishing features of the Pixel 3a. This will save you time. Because of the slim design, there are only two slots for credit/debit cards or any ID. In this case, the material is faux leather. It is not the most expensive leather cover option available. This Olixar case is definitely worth a look. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not yet provide colour options for the case.

7. Google Pixel 3a Phone Wallet Case HYAIZLZ

This offering is a little dated in terms of design, but it is still extremely functional. It has a fairly large interior that allows you to store up to two cards and cash separately. Although it should go without saying, the manufacturer advises users to avoid cramming the card holder with too many cards as this may reduce the onboard magnets’ magnetic strength.

The manufacturer provides a 12-month warranty, which is pretty cool. Customers can select from Black, Blue, Brown, and Red variants for this offering. Moreover, it does a great job of maintaining the cleanliness of your phone and protecting it from unintentional drops.

In addition to the 3a Pixel, you can search on Amazon for phone cases or a phone case for the Google Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3 XL wallet case, Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL case, Google Pixel 5, and XL Pixel are examples of devices that fit this description. There are other phone manufacturers, including Samsung Galaxy. You might also be eligible for sweet discounts like free shipping. There may be additional conditions.


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