The PS5 is clearly one of the top game systems of 2022. It can be positioned horizontally or vertically, depending on whether you have the disc or digital version. It works in both orientations with the accompanying OEM stand.

However, because the PS5 is positioned right in the center, mounting it horizontally with the original stand may leave it a little “tippy.” Furthermore, it places the console next to the flat surface you’ve chosen.

As a result, it may limit ventilation and invite heat-related concerns in the long run. As a result, many PS5 owners are turning to aftermarket horizontal PS5 stands. These solutions provide a safe and secure method of supporting the PS5 in a stable manner that supports both proper air circulation and stability.

What Is the Best PS5 Horizontal Stand?

There are a few great solutions, but which horizontal PS5 stand is the best? Today, we’re here to show you the current possibilities we’ve discovered.

Each one is remarkably similar yet slightly different, yet they all provide an appropriate technique to position your PS5 horizontally rather than vertically in a stable and trustworthy manner.

We’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as any other pertinent information. Finally, we’ll go over what we discovered so you can decide which is ideal for your PS5.

1. Best Overall: OIVO PS5 Horizontal Stand

Another great alternative is the OIVO PS5 Horizontal Stand, which provides a solid and long-lasting way to position your console horizontally. It raises the PS5 somewhat higher than the NexiGo stand, which is very appreciated. Although it raises the console, it reduces available space for tight cabinets and entertainment centres, but it definitely promotes greater airflow than you’d have otherwise.

It’s a quick and easy upgrade for any gamer because it’s entirely compatible with both the disc and digital versions of the PS5. It’s a two-piece device that functions in the same way as the NexiGo. The OIVO, on the other hand, attaches the left piece using the screw hole on the base of the PS5. It includes a longer screw that secures the stand/bracket in a semi-permanent manner. When the stand is in use, there’s even a little pocket to keep the original-sized base screw safe.

Each portion of the stand is supplied with EVA foam to prevent any surface that comes into contact with the console from potential abrasion. In fact, the PS5 digital version has a huge piece of foam that fills any available space between the left side of the stand and the side panel to establish a sturdy stance. This foam is soft, pliable, and gripping. Furthermore, the stand contains silicone feet that prevent slippage when put in a cabinet, on a table, or beneath your television. Although the OIVO PS5 horizontal stand is only offered in white, it is a comparatively cheap and straightforward addition that functions flawlessly.


  • Fastens securely with a larger base screw that is included.
  • Every point of contact with the tabletop or console outside is equipped with foam cushioning and non-slip pads.
  • Relatively inexpensive; a simple improvement.
  • Lifts the console an inch above the tabletop, allowing for better airflow and stability.
  • Both disc versions and digital versions are compatible.


  • Only white is available.
  • With the screw, the right piece does not secure as well as the left piece.
  • Because of its higher position, it may restrict clearance in tight cabinets.

2. NexiGo PS5 Horizontal Stand: The best runner-up

The NexiGo PS5 Horizontal Stand, which is available in black or white, is an excellent choice. It enables you to position your PS5 horizontally and totally lifted from the surface. Although it merely raises your PS5 by approximately an inch, it is intended to make it both stable and flat. Nonetheless, it has the lowest profile among today’s offers.

It’s a two-part device that clips into each end and is fully compatible with both the Playstation 5 disc and digital versions. The left side is securely fastened, while the right side rests on the bottom panel. When both are joined, the left side is secure, while the right side may wiggle slightly. Overall, they remain solidly in place despite just taking less than a minute to install.

On the bottom of each component are anti-slip silicone cushions. This keeps the console extremely strong while also ensuring that it has a bit with whatever flat surface you lay the PS5 on. Best of all, it doesn’t obstruct any of the PS5’s ports, disc drive, or other vital inputs. It’s the type of accessory that, once fitted, you’ll find yourself leaving on for the long haul.


  • It has the lowest profile and is ideal for confined spaces.
  • Available in either black or white.
  • When installed, it does not slip or move.
  • Increases airflow while improving stability.
  • It works with both disc and digital versions.


  • For what it is, the price is a little high.
  • The right component does not click on as easily as the left piece.

3. Auarte Horizontal PS5 Stand: Best Affordable option

The Auarte Horizontal PS5 Stand is the most cheap alternative that works well with both disc and digital versions of the PS5. Instead of employing a piece of foam to fill the hole left by the digital version, it employs a sliding mechanism on the left (base) piece. There are two little plastic blocks that can be pushed or pulled. When they’re pushed in, they make the ideal resting place for the digital equivalent. Pull the blocks apart, and the stand is now compatible with the disc version.

It will produce the same results when used with either version of the PS5. Once the left piece is in place, the right piece provides a place for the console’s top to rest. While there is no additional material where it contacts the PS5 shell, the base has silicone feet to prevent slipping. When inserted, it raises the console by less than an inch. While not as tall as the OIVO, it is comparable in size to the NexiGo.

You don’t have an option in terms of aesthetics because it’s only available in white. However, the material appears to be solid and well-made. A little padding between the stand and the console would have been good, but this can simply be added if required. While the left piece clicks into place, the right piece sits on it. Overall, it performs a much better job of fostering greater ventilation and supporting the console than the OEM PS5 stand.


  • Both disc and digital versions benefit from the sliding design mechanism.
  • Silicone pads that prevent slipping are present on the base.
  • For easy and rapid installation, each piece is clearly labelled left or right.
  • Creates a solid mechanism for sideways positioning your PS5.
  • Provides the most economical alternative of all.


  • Only white is available.
  • There is no padding or other material between the console and the stand.

4. Best Alternative: YUANHOT Horizontal PS5 Stand with USB Ports

The YUANHOT Horizontal PS5 Stand is an excellent option for those searching for something a little extra. It has four additional USB ports in addition to being just a piece of plastic for holding your PS5 horizontally. There is one USB connector for data transfer (placed on the back) and three USB ports for charging (located on the side). It’s a two-piece system, like the others, with one fitted onto the base and snapped into place. The other portion slips over to the opposite side and plugs into an available USB port on the back of your PS5.

While it does not appear to raise the console as much as the OIVO, it does create a good quantity of airflow in all directions. The left portion is designed to work with both disc and digital versions. You’ll see two unique flat surfaces here, one higher for the digital version and one lower for the disc version. The right component has the USB ports; it slides on and has a built-in short USB cable designed to be inserted into the rear of the console to “pass-through” the four additional USB ports it has.

The YUANHOT horizontal PS5 stand, like the others, has anti-slip silicone feet on the bottom. This keeps it robust and stable, and eliminates the chance of slipping if it is accidentally bumped or moved. While it is only available in white, we believe it is ideal for individuals looking for enhanced ventilation and stability while also adding more USB ports for all of your gadgets. Surprisingly, it is less expensive than even the most basic options.


  • Adds four USB ports to the stand’s top and front surfaces.
  • Both components easily slip on and click together.
  • When placed, it does not sag or shift.
  • Increases airflow and stability at the same time.
  • Both the disc and digital versions are fully compatible.


  • Only white is available.
  • Data transfer is only possible through one USB port.
  • There is no soft material between the console and the stand.

Choosing the Best Horizontal PlayStation 5 Stand

There are many options available for PS5 horizontal stands, as you can see. All of the choices we’ve shown work equally well on disc and digital. Furthermore, each one successfully increases ventilation and adds a substantial degree of stability for individuals who like to position their PS5 console sideways. But which is the finest stand for you? Everything depends on what you’re trying to find.

Overall, we preferred the OIVO PS5 Horizontal Stand. A longer base screw gives the most secure and durable way to attach a horizontal stand to your console. Furthermore, the OIVO appears to have the tallest stance of any of the alternatives provided. While this encourages the most airflow, it also makes it taller than other solutions. However, if you need as much vertical room as possible for a small cabinet, one of the other stands may be worth considering.

Following that, we looked at the NexiGo PS5 Horizontal Stand. While it does not lift your console as high as the others, its low-profile design is ideal for individuals who require maximum vertical clearance. Simply told, it is today’s shortest offering. While this may slightly reduce airflow, it still appears to provide adequate ventilation to keep your PS5 as cool as possible. It is the most expensive, although it is also available in black or white.

Look no farther than the Auarte Horizontal PS5 Stand if you want a nice stand but do not wish to spend a great deal of money. It doesn’t appear to work any better or worse than the other options, but it’s far less expensive. We loved how the sliding mechanism kept a sleek, low-profile design that securely snaps into place.

Last but not least, the YUANHOT Horizontal PS5 Stand is an excellent choice. It is more than just a two-piece piece of plastic; it also gives your PS5 four additional USB ports on the front, side, and top of the device. While it may be excessive for some, we believe it is beneficial to have the USB ports more accessible. Only one provides data transfer; the other three are for charging. Regardless, it’s a well-made, solid stand with a strong attachment. Best of all, it’s surprisingly reasonable for everything it has to offer.


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