The Pixel 2 XL smartphone from Google features a magnificent 6-inch screen housed in an aluminium shell with that trademark glass inlay on the rear. It’s a fashionable style, but if you want to avoid metal chips and dings, as well as scratches and cracks in the glass, you should acquire some protection. So far, these are our recommendations for the finest Google Pixel 2 XL cases. 

Top 13 Cases For Google Pixel 2XL

After testing a variety of Pixel 2 XL cases, these are our top three recommendations. They all have something unique to offer that you won’t find anywhere else.

1. Traveler Wood Case Carved

Although everyone enjoys the look and feel of real wood, it is a difficult material to work with when making phone cases. Carved does this by using a practical, flexible black plastic shell and adhering wooden panels with diverse eye-catching artworks etched or painted on the back. These cases are mostly about the appearance, and we’ve found that they rarely fail to elicit admiring attention and inquiries. The shell fits perfectly, with ridged edges for added grip and large cuts. The main flaw is the thin button coverings, which make it difficult to detect the buttons without looking. We’re relieved to discover that the squeezable Active Edge feature is still functional with this case on. This isn’t a particularly tough case, but it will provide some protection against drops from pocket height, and there’s a little lip to shield the screen.

2. CrashGuard RhinoShield Bumper Case

If drop protection is your top priority, we strongly recommend RhinoShield’s CrashGuard bumper. It protects against drop damage from up to 11-foot falls. The smooth, matte body wraps around the outside of your Pixel 2 XL, protecting it from all sides. The cuts are perfect, the button covers have a pleasant movement, and the bumper is easy to hold. The fit is really tight, so it won’t suit you if you like to switch cases frequently because it can be difficult to remove quickly, but that’s one of the reasons it provides such amazing protection. Your Pixel 2 XL will be prepared for anything life throws at it when combined with a back protector and perhaps a screen protector.

3. Google Fabric Case 

We’re not sure why Google designers love fabric finishes so much, but these Fabric cases make your Pixel 2 XL easier to grip and more comfortable to hold. This could be the solution if you dislike slippery cases that collect smudges and scratches. There’s black carbon, coral, a mottled midnight pattern, and the enticingly named cement, which is grey. Naturally, these Google-designed cases are a perfect fit, and Active Edge continues to function even with the case on. The inside shell is polycarbonate covered in nylon knit, and the outside features a “welded silicone Super G logo.” Because they’re small, their protection will be limited, and they may need to be hand washed on occasion.

4. Ultra-thin Case Peel

If you dislike big, bulky cases, Peel’s ultra-thin cases should be on your radar. Peel’s options are 0.35mm thick, making them exceptionally thin while still offering some protection, and are basically the people who started doing ultra-slim cases right. This case is extremely minimalist, with no other branding from the case maker; however, because it is so thin, Google’s logo will still be visible through the material. Keep in mind that this case will not protect your phone from serious drops and bangs, but if you dislike being reminded that you have a case on, Peel can provide some relief from scratches and everyday wear and tear.

5. Super Light Thin Totallee Case

What exactly is it? You want something even more thinner? Surprisingly, there is a case. Totallee’s Pixel 2 XL case is maybe the thinnest we’ve ever tested, straddling the boundary between a case and a skin. It’s precisely 0.02 inches thin, making it the best case for purists who don’t want to dilute their experience. As we noted with Peel, Totallee’s case won’t protect you from any form of drop or major damage; this is merely wear-and-tear resistant. It’s also a little slick, although the power and volume buttons have precise cuts. Additionally, the case has a two-year warranty.

6. Evo Check Case by Tech21

You might think this case is a little bulky, but that three layer bumper is the key to reliable 10-foot drop protection. The translucent back is available in clear or tinted variations and features a check pattern, but Google’s design is still visible. The button covers are clearly defined and simple to use without looking, and the camera, port, and sensor holes are all there and correct.

7. Leather Case Noreve Tradition B

Beautiful crafted, luxurious leather wallet cases from France are not cheap, but if you want an executive mix of protection and style, Noreve is the way to go. Choose your colour and leather finish, and it will be handcrafted and mailed to you as soon as it is ready. There’s a slim shell to keep your Pixel 2 XL secure, two card slots in the cover, and a secure stud closure. The leather is padded for protection, and all of your phone’s functions and features are precisely cut out.

8. Presidio Grip Glitter Case by Speck

One of our favourites is Speck’s Presidio Grip design, which incorporates an eye-catching pattern of rubber ridges into the case to prevent it from slipping on surfaces or slipping out of your hand. If it falls, there’s no need to worry because this case has drop protection up to 10 feet and a lip around the screen. This version incorporates glitter into the mix for a glitzy finish, but the same case is available in a variety of two-tone colorways.

9. Ash Case for Urban Armor Gear

If you like a bulky case with improved grip and great drop protection characteristics, UAG has you covered. This case features a hard, translucent shell as well as black skid pads and accents to keep your Pixel 2 XL from slipping. There are also large tactile button covers, spacious port, camera, and fingerprint sensor holes, and an impact resistant core. With the case on, NFC still works, and it also comes in a non-tinted Ice variation.

10. Liquid Crystal Case by Spigen

The Pixel 2 XL is a beautiful phone, and if you don’t want to hide the Google design, consider this clear case from Spigen. It’s made of flexible TPU to absorb the sting of any bumps, has a dot pattern inside to prevent markings, and the cutouts are precise. The basic aesthetic of this case is appealing, and the fit is ideal, but don’t anticipate significant drop protection. We were also surprised to see logos and branding carved on both sides and the top. It’s subtle, but the case would be stronger without it.

11. Case for the Incipio Design Series

We know Incipio puts effort into their phone cases, so we’re always excited to see what they have to offer. The Design Series provides stylish protection in a translucent shell with a trendy flourish of metallic foil. The glitter star design is shown, but champagne glitter and beaded flower designs are also available. This is a scratch-resistant hard-shell case with flexible frame protection, precise cut-outs, and tactile button covers. If drop protection is your primary concern, look at Incipio’s Reprieve Sport cases instead.

12. Griffin Case Reveal

Griffin has a good selection of protective cases, but it also has this minimalist Pixel 2 XL case that is completely clear to show off Google’s design. Thankfully, despite its small size, it provides adequate drop protection. The polycarbonate body is reinforced with a TPU frame and reinforced edges to protect your phone from drops of up to three feet, or the height of an average hand. Given its thinness, this case provides excellent protection and is a wonderful option if you don’t want to spoil the appearance of your Pixel.

13. Case Otterbox Defender Series

If you don’t mind hiding your Pixel 2 XL in a bulky protective suit as long as it can survive bumps, falls, and harsh weather, this is the case for you. Otterbox uses rigorous testing techniques to ensure that its cases exceed your protection expectations. The downside is that it adds significant bulk to an already large phone. A polycarbonate shell and a rubber slipcover snap together to provide complete coverage for your phone. This case also includes a holster. It’s perfect for anyone who works outside.


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