If you use Snapchat, the latest cameo update is the finest method to communicate. It’s amusing while also being a creative way to answer. Do you, however, know how to edit your Snapchat Cameo Picture or a friend’s cameo settings? Do you find the settings challenging?

Everyone’s favourite is the latest update of cameos because it contains a lot of funny aspects and it allows you to make your own funny cameos. It also allows users to add friend selfies to a two-person cameo that you can share with them and make them laugh.

I know you’re still working through the processes to enable the same. No worries, fella; all you need to do is open Snapchat and join any discussion. After that, click the smiley face icon, then cameos, and finally new selfies. After selecting a new selfie, it only takes a minute to produce a new cameo.

There are additional stages involved with the Snapchat cameo, which will be covered in this article. Read the article and get ready to impress your pals with your cameos.

How Can I Modify My Snapchat Cameo Picture

The steps for activating the cameo feature are the same whether you use the Snapchat app on an Android or iOS device. I’ve tried and tested this feature, and I love it. Please hurry!!!! Join the fun bandwagon as soon as possible.

Step 1: How Do You Change Your Snapchat Cameo Picture?

To change your cameo image, you must be in proper lighting with your face clearly visible.

  • Open the Snapchat app and enter any of your most recent conversations.
  • Just to the side of the chatbox, tap the Smiley face icon.
  • Choose Cameos, which has a smiley and a star icon, and then long-press on any of the cameos you see here.
  • The camera will now open, and you must place your face inside the face line shown on the screen.
  • After that, your image will be clicked, and a new cameo will be created.

Step 2: How Do You Change Your Snapchat Cameo Friend?

Snapchat allows you to create two-person cameos using your and your friend’s faces. Using this feature is simple; however, certain settings must be completed, which are as follows:

  • Open Snapchat and navigate to My profile, then Settings.
  • Find the option here. Who can, and then select Use My Cameo Selfie from the list.
  • There are now three options in Use My Cameo Selfie: Everyone, My Friend, and Only Me.
  • Depending on your preference, this option allows you to include your friends in cameos.
  • It’s worth noting that if your friend is on Snapchat’s blocklist, you won’t be able to make two-person cameos.

Step 3: How Do You Delete Snapchat Cameos?

Sometimes you may feel that the cameos do not have a decent image of your face; in this case, modification is not feasible, and you must erase the cameo.

  • Go to the Snapchat Profile Page and select Settings.
  • Find the category Account Action, and choose Clear My Cameos Selfie.
  • When you click on this option, a message box will appear; simply click on the Clear Opinion button, and all of your cameo selfies will be removed.
  • Instead of removing the cameos selfie, you can hide your cameos using the same approach as editing your cameo in Snapchat.
  • Simply choose the Only Me option from the Use my Cameo Selfie category.

Step 4: How Do You Send Snapchat Cameos That Are Related To A Text Message?

Snapchat organises some stickers and cameos based on the text you intend to send to someone.

  • Locate the friend you wish to text.
  • Make a message. Hello, and please forward it to him.
  • Now, tap the smiley face symbol to see all of the Hi stickers and cameos.
  • The text will be instantly attached to the text message after you pick and send any sticker or cameo.
  • In addition, you can delete the sent message by long tapping on it and selecting delete opinion.

Final Words

Cameos are a great way to liven up a conversation. They are unquestionably more entertaining and useful than standard emoticons. Share your experience with cameos in the comments section.


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