The Apple Watch is the company’s most recent must-have item. The watch, which is worn on the wrist, allows users to stay connected, perform a variety of tasks, and track their fitness and activity levels.

If you want your Apple Watch to work properly, you must charge it on a regular basis. You must not only remember to charge it every night, but you must also carry your always keep a charger nearby in case the watch runs out of power.

But what happens if you don’t have your charger and your watch needs to be charged?

Fortunately, there are a few ways to carry around that bulky charger all of the time.

We’ll show you how to charge your Apple Watch without a charger using some simple hacks in this article.

Let’s get this party started!

How to Charge Your Apple Watch Using a Standard Charger

Before we teach you how to charge your Apple Watch without a charger, let me show you how to charge it using a conventional charger.

The methods below will show you how to charge the Apple Watch:

  • Remove your Apple Watch from your wrist before charging.
  • Connect the charging cable to a USB port or plug in a USB power adapter.
  • After that, place the back of your watch against the charger’s concave side.
  • Once you’ve placed the back of your smartwatch on the Apple Charger, align and lock it with the charger’s magnets using the Apple Watch.
  • When everything is in place, a green lightning bolt symbol will display on the screen.
  • It could take two to three hours to fully charge your Apple Watch. Remove the Apple Watch quickie from the charger after the battery is fully charged.

You may charge your watch while traveling by connecting it to a portable battery pack.

Apple has recognized and accredited different charging accessories for your devices. You should be aware that every Apple watch has the same charging interface. As a result, you may charge all series of Apple watches using the same charger.

Can an Apple Watch be charged without a charger?

Yes, you can charge your Apple Watch without a charger. It is crucial to note, however, that you will need to be creative and use one of the strategies indicated below to do so.

When your Apple Watch’s battery runs out, it will display a red lightning bolt symbol. This implies you’ll have to charge it. When charging your watch, use caution. Make certain you do it correctly.

To charge your Apple Watch, you must utilize the proper equipment. It’s not difficult, but it can be challenging for beginners. Don’t worry if you misplace your charger or leave it at home while you’re gone from home. You can still charge your watch if you don’t have it. If you do not have the charger, please continue reading.

How to Charge an Apple Watch Without Using a Charger

Here are a couple methods for charging your Apple Watch without a charger.

Method 1: Using the Hidden Port To Charge Your Apple Watch 

You’re interested in learning how to charge your Apple Watch without a charger. That is why you have arrived. Let’s go over the history of this.

The first method is to use your Apple Watch’s secret port. The port is positioned on the bottom band’s clasp slot. When a little cap is lifted, a six-pin port is seen.

People were discussing about a hidden connector on the Apple Watch in 2015, which might be utilized to extend its battery life without requiring a charger. Remove your watch strap and search for a pinhole to locate this port.

Reserve Strap is a startup that creates a strap that wirelessly charges the watch while it is on your wrist.

The Reserve Strap’s battery strap allows you to charge your phone while also wearing your watch. Conductive charging via the diagnostic port can improve the watch charge by 6% or 7%.

However, as soon as Apple learned of it, they halted the project out of fear that it would harm their product. They didn’t want people to overheat or become electrocuted. Apple does not like it when people tamper with their products, and they do not want consumers who do so.

Method 2: Apple Watch Power Charger Alternatives

If the hidden port is not an option for you, you must find another method of charging your watch. You can charge your watch without using the charger in other ways. These are some examples:

Step 1: Make Use Of An iPhone Charger

The first method is to use an iPhone charger to charge your Apple Watch without a charger. If you own an iPhone, you almost certainly have a charger.

Simply plug in the charger and connect the other end to your Apple Watch. The watch will immediately begin charging.

step 2: The USB Charger

You can connect your Mac or laptop, as well as any USB charger, using this option. It’s more convenient than a standard cable and has a USB connection.

It is portable and convenient. When you’re on the go, these can be used as keychains and attached to your bag or other keys.

Many people do not want another piece of equipment hanging from their keys, but this is a great backup option if you leave your charging cable at home.

Step 3: Make Use Of A Portable Battery Pack

You can charge your Apple Watch with a portable power bank if you have one. These battery packs are becoming increasingly popular, and they can come in handy when you need to charge your watch but don’t have a charger nearby.

Simply connect the battery pack to your Apple Watch using the charging cable that came with the watch to use it. After that, the battery pack will begin charging the watch.


As you can see, we covered how to charge your Apple Watch without a charger above. We hope this post was useful, enjoyable to read.

The only method to charge your Apple Watch without a charger is to use the secret port. Instead of using the secret connector, you can charge your watch with a USB charger, iPhone charger, or portable battery pack.

Each of these solutions is convenient and will allow you to charge your watch even while you are not at home. You will be able to keep your watch charged and ready to go regardless of which method you use.


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