In general, Samsung wireless chargers provide many conveniences in addition to eliminating many hassles compared to their wired counterparts. Samsung’s wireless chargers have an easy-to-understand working principle that allows anyone to use them to recharge the battery of a variety of devices. It is noteworthy that Samsung wireless chargers still occasionally malfunction while in use, though. These days, there are numerous reports of problems with Samsung wireless chargers, some of which have the same problem: a Samsung wireless charger that blinks yellow.

What Does It Mean Of The Yellow Blink On Samsung Wireless Chargers

What should you do if the yellow light on your Samsung wireless charger keeps blinking? If so, this article might be able to assist you. Everything you need to know about the yellow blink on Samsung wireless chargers is listed below.

Simply put, the built-in light indicator on Samsung wireless chargers lets you know when they are actively being used. Abort mode is activated due to problems if your Samsung wireless charger begins to blink yellow in the middle of a recharge. The flow of electricity is cut off and the charging stops when Samsung wireless chargers go into abort mode. The chargers must be brought out of the abort mode in order to start charging again.

Causes Of Samsung Blinking Yellow During Wireless Charging

Overall, there could be a number of issues with Samsung wireless chargers over time, but in regards to the yellow blink, you should take these possibilities.


Samsung wireless chargers are extremely reliable, but occasionally problems will arise out of the blue for no apparent reason. On Samsung wireless chargers, the majority of hiccups would go away on their own, but some would result in issues that persisted and needed attention. Naturally, hiccups are frequently cited as the root cause in articles that discuss the yellow blink on Samsung wireless chargers. The good news is that Samsung users can easily get rid of hiccups on wireless chargers.


If people pay attention, Samsung wireless chargers rarely sustain damage due to their sturdy construction. However, accidents can happen all the time, and it only takes one component to fail for the wireless chargers to go haywire. As a result, if you notice your Samsung wireless charger blinking yellow, you must consider damages. It’s worth noting that chargers may be compromised even if they appear to be in good condition on the outside in some cases.


Typically, Samsung wireless chargers work best with Samsung-rated accessories (pads, plugs, cables, etc.), so compatibility is an important factor to consider. You should be able to recharge your devices with relative ease if you pair your wireless chargers with compatible accessories. If you pair your wireless chargers with incompatible accessories, the charging process will inevitably experience some oddities. As a result, incompatibility is one of the leading suspects in the case of the yellow blink on Samsung wireless chargers.


Most of majority have the habit of keeping their phone in a case to protect it from physical damage. Nonetheless, while the case rarely interferes with device performance, it may interrupt wireless charging. The reason is simple: plastic, metal, and other materials on the case occasionally interfere with charger electromagnetic induction. As a result, if your Samsung wireless charger continues to blink yellow, it is widely recommended that you consider the case.


For your information, device orientations frequently determine how well wireless chargers recharge the battery over time. Assuming you get the orientation right, Samsung wireless chargers should easily recharge your phone from start to finish. However, if you do not properly orient your phone, there is a good chance that the charging process will suffer. Unless you make changes to the device orientation, your wireless charger may be unable to complete the charging process as intended.

Solutions Of Samsung Blinking Yellow During Wireless Charging

People use a variety of methods to resolve yellow blinking on Samsung wireless chargers, but if success is your top priority, you should implement the fixes listed below.

Unplug And Replug

If the yellow blinking of your Samsung wireless charger is caused by hiccups, simply unplug and replug it. This allows you to restart the charging process, which is usually sufficient to remove hiccups. To be thorough, while plugging in your charger, keep an eye on the light indicator. If the charger’s light indicator no longer blinks yellow, you can proceed to more pressing matters.

Look For Signs Of Damages

You’ve been using your charger for a long time? Then, some of the components may have been damaged, resulting in charging complications. To put the theory to the test, inspect the components of your wireless charger for damage. You may be able to restore the performance of your charger by purchasing replacement components, depending on the extent of the damage. However, remember that it is sometimes more cost effective to purchase a new charger rather than repair a damaged one.

Assess The Compatibility Of Accessories

Examine each accessory that you pair with your charger to ensure that it is compatible with it. If you come across any accessories that you suspect are incompatible, replace them right away and see how things go. To avoid potential problems, you should buy replacement accessories from reputable retailers. If you want a list of compatible accessories for your wireless charger, please contact Samsung customer service.

Remove The Case

Technically, wireless chargers’ electromagnetic induction could work through cases, but if your charger blinks yellow, remove the case. Then, to maximise body-to-body contact, place your phone directly on the charging pad. If the charger resumes normal charging, you can conclude that the problem is with your phone’s case. To keep your wireless charger from acting up during recharge, consider switching to a different case.

Frequently Asked Question

Is fast charging supported by Samsung wireless chargers?

Fast charging is supported by the majority of modern wireless chargers on the market made by Samsung, which enables them to speed up device recharging. Before placing your device on the charging pad, simply turn on fast charging on your device.

What is the best Method to tell if my Samsung wireless charger is charging?

If your wireless charger is working properly, your phone’s battery icon will change to the charging icon. Furthermore, the light indicator on the charger’s charging pad will illuminate blue.

How long do Samsung wireless chargers typically take to recharge?

The time required for Samsung wireless chargers to recharge devices varies depending on the device. Samsung wireless chargers take between three and four hours to fully charge a depleted battery on standard phones.


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