Are you receiving unknown calls on your iPhone from spammers or someone you know and want to know how to stop them without blocking them?

The iPhone features an interesting feature known as focus mode.

Apple introduced Focus mode to help you reduce distraction by configuring your notifications and filtering your texts and calls.

So using the Focus mode will undoubtedly help in ignoring calls without blocking them.

Third-party applications may also help you in blocking spammers who have been identified by a large number of users.

So now I’ll show you how to block iPhone calls without blocking them.

How To Disable iPhone Calls Without Blocking Them

To disable calls on your iPhone without blocking them, go to settings and then tap on the Focus mode option.

Then, to edit your call receiving list, create a new Custom Focus mode.

You can enable Do Not Disturb mode and only allow calls from your chosen contacts.

As a result, allow the option to silence unknown callers.

So, if you follow all of these procedures, you will almost certainly ignore all calls that you do not want to answer without blocking them.

However, you can add new modes according to your situation in the focus mode settings.

You can, for example, include a Driver Mode, Gaming Mode, Personal Mode, and other options.

1. Navigate to the “Focus” settings page

Open your iPhone’s settings, then scroll down and select “Focus.”

You will be taken to the Focus page settings.

You may enable sleep mode and “Do Not Disturb” mode from this page.

You can also use other Focus modes on your iPhone, such as Personal Focus and Driving Focus, to halt calls without blocking them.

As a result, when someone phones you, the call is sent to your voicemail.

When you tap the “+” icon in the top right, you’ll be able to add more Focus modes based on your needs.

You can choose and pick persons from whom you want to receive calls and quiet the rest of the contacts by adding any new Focus mode.

2. Generate A Custom Focus Mode

On the focus page, click the blue “+” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

A popup with several options will appear on your screen.

You may add Driving, Fitness, Personal, and other custom Focus modes to your iPhone by using this pop up.

In this situation, we’ll choose Custom mode because it’s the best example of how to stop calls on your iPhone without blocking them.

So, select Custom to make a new Focus mode.

Then, on the new page, select the color, name, and icon for your Focus Custom Mode before tapping “Next.”

3. Only allow calls from your favorites

After tapping on the Next button, you will be sent directly to the contacts’ editing page.

On this screen, you may choose which contacts you want to receive calls, texts, and notifications from.

As a result, you can stop calls on your iPhone without blocking them.

Tap on the “+ Add Person” option to indicate who you want to accept calls from.

The page for your contacts will then appear.

Begin by tapping on each contact to select only those from whom you want to receive calls.

When you’re finished, touch the “Done” button in the top right corner of the screen.

4. Stop Calls Without Blocking Them On Your iPhone

It’s time to put a stop to other calls after you’ve selected the contacts you’ve given permission to call you.

So, on the Custom Focus Page, select “Calls From.”

Tap “All Contacts” on the new screen to stop all calls on your iPhone without banning them.

You can, however, keep your Favorite contact to allow them to only call you.

You can also stop repeated calls from people who phone you twice in three minutes if you choose.

To do so, deactivate the “Allow Repeated Calls” checkbox.

As a result, your chosen contacts will only be able to call you.

Now press the “Allow” button.

On the new screen, you can select which apps should receive notifications.

Otherwise, proceed by tapping “Allow None.”

Then turn on Custom Focus mode on your iPhone, and it will be ready.

5. Enable The “Do not Disturb” Mode

If you usually use the Do Not Disturb mode, you can switch between Custom Focus and Do Not Disturb mode whenever you like.

As a result, when you enable it, Custom Focus will be turned off immediately.

You can, however, add contacts to ignore their calls.

6. Stop Unknown Callers

Return to your iPhone’s settings after using the Custom Focus mode.

Then scroll down till you see “Phone” and touch on it.

Now, hit “Silence Unknown Callers” and flip the switch ON.

Please remember that we strongly advise you to “Silence Unknown Callers.”

Because you will continue to receive calls from unknown people after enabling the Custom Focus mode.

As a result, muting unknown callers on your iPhone will halt their calls without blocking them.

7. Use Third-Party Caller ID App

If you’re getting a lot of unknown calls and have already stopped them, you can use third-party caller ID apps like Truecaller.

They will help you to identify and block spammers who are attempting to disrupt your life.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I avoid being blocked from receiving calls?

To do so, launch your phone app and hit the menu overflow button (three dots) in the upper right corner of the screen (generally for Android devices, for other devices, it is different). Then go to Settings and select Calls. Click the ‘call barring’ option in the calls menu.

How Can I Temporarily Turn Off Incoming Phone Calls On My iPhone?

To stop all incoming calls on your iPhone, go to Settings-Do Not Disturb and flip the button to the right to halt all incoming calls. This screen can also be used to schedule calls, texts, and notifications for specific times of the day, such as when you’re sleeping.

Can I Restrict Incoming Calls On My iPhone?

Scroll down and hit Block this Caller next to the number or contact you want to block. Tap Contacts, then choose the contact you wish to block, scroll down, and select Block this Caller.


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