This article will show you how to find out who has saved your Instagram post and how many times it has been saved.

Ask if your Instagram followers have saved your posts

This simple and easy procedure is the only way to see who’s saved your posts. Follow the given steps to see who saved your instagram post: 

  1. Tap the post about which you want to poll your followers.
  2. Take a screenshot of the page of the Instagram post.
  3. To return to your main Instagram feed, tap the Home symbol.
  4. To start a new Instagram Story, tap the Stories icon (which looks like a camera) in the top left corner.
  5. Swipe up to find a screenshot of your Instagram post.
  6. To add the screenshot image to your Story, tap it.
  7. Tap the Text icon to send a message to your followers, such as “Who saved this post?”
  8. When you’re finished, tap Done.
  9. Tap Your tales to make the story available to your followers. They will be able to respond through a direct message.

How To See How Many Times Your Instagram Post Has Been Saved

If you have a Personal account, you must first upgrade to a free Business or Creator account by going to Settings > Account and selecting Switch to Business Account or Switch to Creator Account. To finish the process, simply follow the steps. Then:

  1. To read your posts, tap the Profile icon. It appears like a silhouette.
  2. Tap the post for which you wish to see the saving count.
  3. Under the image or video, select View Insights. A variety of stats will be displayed. The bookmark icon indicates how many times this article has been saved to one of the user’s Collections.

Frequently Asked Question

How many Instagram posts do you make every day?

The general rule of thumb for posting to your Instagram account is two to three times each week, but no more than once per day. Instagram Stories, on the other hand, should be posted more frequently. According to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, the optimum practice is to post two posts on the feed every week and two Stories per day.

What is the procedure for reposting an Instagram story?

Tap the paper airplane, then select Add post to your story, to repost an Instagram story. To make this work, the other account must be public and have post sharing or story sharing enabled.

How do you view Instagram old posts?

Tap your profile>menu icon (three lines)>Archive to access your archived Instagram posts.


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