Chromebook computers have an impressive battery life. They can keep you going for eight to ten hours without issue. Many people argue that Chromebooks lack a battery-saving feature because they do not require one. However, your battery may drain faster than planned at times. Let’s look at what you can do to extend the life of your Chromebook battery.

Best Methods for Extending the Life of Your Chromebook Battery

Follow the given methods to extend the battery life of your Chromebook:

Method 1: Turn Off Bluetooth And Wifi

“If you don’t use it, close it,” is maybe the best way to extend the battery life of your Chromebook. The battery life of wireless and Bluetooth connections can be drastically reduced. If you aren’t utilising your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections, turn them off.

Method 2: Adjust Brightness

Your display consumes a lot of battery power. Setting your device’s brightness to maximum will shorten its battery life by a few hours. Reduce the brightness settings on your Chromebook to a level that is comfortable for you. To avoid straining your eyes, don’t make the screen too dark.

Method 3: Lock Your Screen And Power Off Your Laptop

If you’re only going to be gone for a few hours, ensure your screen is locked. This will help you to extend the life of your battery by a few minutes. Shut down your laptop if you are gone from your computer for more than 15 minutes. Your Chromebook boots up in under ten seconds.

Method 4: Unplug All of Your Peripherals

If you’re running on battery power, all of the peripherals connected to your machine will gradually but steadily drain the battery. Despite the fact that the impact on the battery is not nearly as big as the display impact, it does add up. So, unplug any unnecessary peripherals if you don’t really need them.

Method 5: Close Unnecessary Extensions and Tabs

Close unnecessary tabs and disable or uninstall extensions to prevent Google Chrome from draining your Chromebook battery. This will also help you maintain your browser clean and clutter-free. When you have tens of tabs open, it’s difficult to find the information you’re looking for.

Method 6: Exit Unnecessary Applications

Close an app using the Task Manager if you don’t need it anymore. Many Chromebook users have observed that Google Drive and Gmail drain their batteries quickly. Allowing superfluous apps to operate in the background is a waste of time. When you’re not using them, make sure they’re closed.

Method 7: Replace Worn-Out Batteries

Your battery’s performance will drop after a few years. In other words, your Chromebook will struggle to maintain a charge. In Crosh, run the battery test command and look at the output to see how healthy your battery is.

Method 8: Turn On Guest Session

Many users pointed out that guest sessions consume less battery power than admin sessions. So, if you don’t require administrative privileges, you can use your laptop in guest mode to save battery life.

Frequently Asked Question

Why does my Chromebook battery drop so quickly?

Running too many high-intensity tasks on your Chromebook at the same time might consume a significant amount of CPU power. As a result, your battery may overheat and discharge more quickly than usual. Close all other background processes and use a cooler if you know you’ll be running a resource-demanding program on your Chromebook.

Is it safe to leave a Chromebook plugged in at all times?

Modern Chromebooks’ battery technology allows you to leave the laptop plugged in overnight without risking serious damage. In other words, you can safely leave your Chromebook plugged in overnight. Overcharging will be prevented by the battery firmware.

What percentage of a charge should I give my Chromebook?

Charge your Chromebooks until the battery is at least 80% full. This ensures that even if the battery discharges while disconnected over the summer, it will not completely discharge. Do not physically remove the battery from the Chromebook for storage to slow the discharge rate.


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