When capturing a screenshot with the Samsung Galaxy S20, as with many other phones in the Galaxy S series, there are various options. Some are simpler than others. 

Five Methods To Capture Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S20

On the Samsung Galaxy S20, there are several methods for taking a screenshot. Using the phone buttons is the quickest method. Select the page which you want to screenshot and simultaneously tap and hold the volume down and power buttons. Other ways include the palm swipe motion, Smart Capture, Google Assistant, Bixby, and others.

Method 1: Capturing Screenshot Using Key Combination

This is the most common method for taking a screenshot, and it works on almost all Android devices. Simply press and hold the volume down and power buttons at the same time, and the screenshot should appear in a second or two.

Method 2: Capturing Screenshot Using Palm Swipe Gesture

Using a palm swipe to take a screenshot on the Galaxy S20 may feel strange at first time, but you’ll get the hang of it quickly. This approach must first be enabled in Settings > Advanced features > Motion and gestures > Palm swipe to capture. To take a screenshot, swipe the side of your palm across the entire display from left to right or vice versa.

Method 3: Capturing Screenshot Using Smart Capture

This way of capturing a Galaxy S20 screenshot allows you to capture the complete page of a website rather than just what is visible on your screen. Make sure this Galaxy S20 screenshot option is turned on by navigating to Settings > Advanced Features > Screenshots and screen recorder > Screenshot toolbar.

To begin, take a standard screenshot by simultaneously pressing and holding the volume down and power keys (way one), or with a palm swipe (method two). At the bottom of the screen, a few options will appear. Continue scrolling down the page by selecting “Scroll capture” and tapping on it. Your Galaxy S20 will capture many screenshots of the page and stitch them together to generate the final product.

Method 4: Capturing Screenshot Using Bixby

With a simple voice command, Samsung’s Bixby digital assistant allows you to take a screenshot of your Galaxy S20. Simply press and hold the phone’s dedicated Bixby button while saying, “Take a screenshot.” You may also ask Bixby to capture a screenshot simply by saying “Hi Bixby,” but you must first enable the capability by heading to Bixby home > Settings > Voice wake-up.

Method 5: Capturing Screenshot Using Google Assistant

In addition to Bixby, all Galaxy S20 phones include Google Assistant, which allows you to snap screenshots with a voice command. Simply say “OK Google” to activate Assistant. Then simply say, “Take a screenshot,” or type the command into your keyboard.


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