Recording the screen of your Apple iPhone XS in a video with sound, saving it as a video file, and then sending or uploading it to a platform like YouTube or social networks can be very beneficial for performing a tutorial or showing an acquaintance how to accomplish specific operations in an Apple iPhone XS.

Sometimes we want to record a story with sound that we saw on Instagram of a friend, a phone call or video call (FaceTime) with a family member to keep as a souvenir or to use as evidence, or a TikTok video.

How To Record Screen On iPhone Xs

Follow these steps to make recording on your Apple iPhone XS:

  1. First and foremost, we must verify that the screen recording control on our iPhone XS is turned on (if we already have it we can go to point 5). To check it, go to Settings, which is the gear icon available on your Apple iPhone XS home screen.
  2. We navigate down the left-hand menu until we find the “Control Centre” section and click on it, followed by “Customise controls.”
  3. If you already have the screen recording control enabled, it will appear in the first list on our iPhone XS within the “INCLUDE” section, we can change the order simply drag it from up or down on the three horizontal lines to the right of the control By pressing the red button on the left, we can also remove the control.
  4. If the activated control does not appear, we go down and it will appear in the “MORE CONTROLS” section, click on the green plus(+) button Add to panel icon to add it. After completing this step, we can exit the Apple iPhone XS settings.
  5. (iPhone 7 and older, as well as iPads running iOS 11 or earlier) Swipe it up from the bottom of the screen where you want to start the video. (Apple iPhone X, iPad running iOS 12 or iPadOS) Swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen where you want to start the video.
  6. Press the recording icon if you wish to record your Apple iPhone XS screen without using the microphone. After a three-second countdown, the recording will begin. A red line and the word “Recording” will appear at the top of the screen, suggesting that everything that happens on it is being recorded.
  7. If you have a wish to record a video using the microphone in addition to the iPhone XS’s sound (for example, to explain the operation of an app to a friend or record a message while recording the Apple iPhone XS screen), press and hold the microphone’s button to activate or deactivate it, then press “Start recording.” A 3-second countdown will begin, followed by the recording.
  8. To stop recording, open the Control Centre (Point 5 of this tutorial) and press the Recording screen icon or click on the red line in the status bar at the top of the screen and press “Stop.”
  9. At the top of your Apple iPhone XS screen, a message will appear stating that the screen recording video has been saved automatically to “Photos” (formerly known as the Camera Roll). To view and share your video recording of the screen of your Apple iPhone XS, go to the Photos app and scroll to the bottom.

Frequently Asked Question

Can Your iPhone Record Your Screen Without You Knowing?

While there are many of them on iOS, many people use them without even realising it. Yes, your iPhone has a screen recording feature built in that is simple to use once you know where to look.

Is it possible to include audio in a screen recording?

Swipe up to open the Control Centre and press the Screen Recording button when you’re ready to record your screen. To include sound with the screen video, press the button until a menu with the Microphone Audio option appears.


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