The Logitech G933 wireless headphone is a fantastic pair of wireless headphones that deliver high-quality sound while being portable. The build materials are of exceptional quality, and I have never regretted my purchase. I’ve been using these headphones for a few years and they’ve really amazed me! The Logitech G933 is an excellent value at its current pricing and an amazing steal when on sale. I would recommend purchasing the G933 on sale, but don’t be put off by its high price because the performance it provides easily justifies the cost.


The Logitech G933 offers a nice black sleek modern look, with RGB on the side of the ears that can be adjusted. The black colour scheme looks extremely beautiful and complements practically all setups, in my opinion. Not to add that the RGB lights on each ear may be changed using the Logitech G software. They also have a great swivel above the earpieces, so they may lay comfortably around your neck. The G933s can also be exhibited on their side on a desk or with a headset stand.


Beyond aesthetics, we must consider performance, which is by far the most important aspect of a pair of headphones. When compared to other wireless headphone counterparts in 2021, the G933 performs quite well. When not using the virtualized surround sound, the Logitech G933’s sound quality is astounding for a wireless pair.

Sound Quality of the Logitech G933

The Logitech G933 features 7.1-channel Dolby / DTS surround sound, with each channel individually adjustable using the Logitech G Software. When you initially connect your Logitech G933 headset, you must alter the audio settings because they may sound distorted out of the box. Because the 7.1 surround-sound is virtualized, it attempts to build a virtual surround-sound speaker arrangement in your headset.

Aside from the false 7.1 surround sound, the sound options are excellent. The overall audio quality of the Logitech G933 is extremely good, and it supports a wide spectrum of noises. The bass levels are excellent, and you can turn the G933s up to full volume and place them on your desk for a speaker-like experience.

Many video games, particularly first-person shooters, demand the player to pay close attention to a variety of discernible sounds. It is very easy for a player who does not have good headphones to misidentify where a sound is coming from. I have yet to have any problems locating where a sound is coming from when using the Logitech G933’s.


When looking for a new headset, gamers frequently look for one that includes a microphone. Fortunately, the Logitech G933 includes a retractable microphone. The microphone works nicely with the headset and allows you to converse by using your voice. Microphone is simple and easy to use.

Wireless Connection Logitech G933

For wireless connectivity, the Logitech G933 uses a USB receiver dongle. The Logitech G933 does not, unfortunately, support Bluetooth. Using the included 3.5mm cable is the only way to connect to your mobile device. This is a disadvantage because most mobile users do not want to be hampered by a cable. The dongle connects to any device with a USB port with ease. I’ve been using this USB dongle for over two years and have yet to have any connection issues! Keep in mind that this is only within a 10-meter range, as the connection will deteriorate as you get further away.

Physical Components

The Logitech G933 is primarily made of plastic, with some foam padding on the headband and earpieces. The external sides of the ears can be easily removed thanks to a magnet that securely snaps them on. Inside the left ear is a housing unit for the accompanying USB dongle, which connects to your PC/device. The headset’s battery is located in the right ear. The wireless headset’s microphone is also housed in the left ear.


A set of physical buttons is located on the left ear of the Logitech G933 Wireless Headset. The topmost button serves as a power switch, and it is followed by three programmable ‘G’ keys. These three buttons can be programmed to do whatever you want with the bundled Logitech G software. The bottom-most mute microphone button follows these three ‘G’ keys. Finally, the volume dial is located at the bottom of the button set. This volume control is conveniently located to allow you to rapidly alter the volume of your game, TV, or music.


One of the most relaxing pairs of headphones I’ve ever owned. The padding on the top of the headband and around the ears is quite soft and pleasant. The earpads offer a lot of padding, allow for a lot of ventilation, and are even washable. The earpads were meant to keep your ears cool, allowing for longer gaming sessions.

Personally, I use glasses while working on my computer, so it was tough to locate a pair of headphones that remained comfortable throughout long sessions. Even for those who wear glasses, the Logitech G933 gives a highly comfortable experience, and they remain comfortable even after extended 8-hour periods.

Battery Life

Before choosing a pair of wireless headphones, consider how long you intend to use them in a single session. If the answer is fewer than 9 hours, the Logitech G933 are an excellent pair of headphones for you. Depending on the volume utilized, they have often lasted 7-9 hours in one session from a full charge for me. If you’re doing 8-hour sessions with headphones, you can expect to hear the low battery warning beep at the end. If you do not plug in the G933s every night, they will not last the entire charge. Other headphones have a longer battery life, but this set will last you through the day.

Final Thoughts

For over two years, I’ve been using my Logitech G933s on a daily basis. And I must say, they have surpassed my expectations! I really like the black colour scheme, and the RGB lights are a nice touch. Not to mention the programmable ear buttons. They have not caused me any problems thus far. The G933 should be considered by anyone looking for a pair of wireless gaming headphones.


The Logitech G933 wireless gaming headphones are excellent. They have excellent sound quality and fit comfortably whether or not you wear glasses! In addition, the Logitech G933 provides. Due to its wireless functionality, the Logitech G933 is also a great option for VR users looking for a set of headphones.

The lack of Bluetooth connectivity is where these headphones fall short. This can be inconvenient for anyone trying to connect to the internet without the included USB dongle. As a result, I recommend this pair of wireless headphones to anyone who plans to use them for gaming or computer use. If you want to listen to music on your phone, the headphones do come with a 3.5mm cable to plug in. Overall, this is a fantastic set of gaming headphones that I would recommend to any gamer.


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