How to Enable Dark Mode in Tinder 

Tinder does not yet have a Dark Mode, but you may notice a dark coloured background on Tinder during Swipe Surge, but when you reach the messages section, it switches back to the light theme.

How can I get Tinder’s dark mode?

On Android, open the app, touch on your profile picture in the upper right corner, then Settings, and finally Dark theme. You can choose whether the app should stay dark all the time, never, or only when the energy saver is turned on.

How do I take Tinder’s dark mode?

To enable dark mode on an Android operating system, either pull down the notifications bar all the way and tap the cog icon, or go to your Settings app. Then select ‘Display’ and then ‘Advanced.’ You can turn on and off the dark theme here.

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How to Set Tinder’s Night Mode or Dark Mode

Follow the given steps to set the dark mode on Tinder app:

  1. Tinder does not have a Night Mode, so we must activate it through Android.
  2. We opened the cell phone’s menu.
  3. Navigate to the Settings menu.
  4. Select the Accessibility tab.
  5. Navigate to the Display tab.
  6. Select Dark Theme.
  7. Leave this option turned on.
  8. Tinder is now available in Dark Mode.

Frequently Asked Question

What should I be aware of before using Tinder?

5 Things You Should Know About Tinder:

  • The users of Tinder use it as a hook-up app.
  • Many people on Tinder will be familiar to you.
  • Tinder tells you how far away a user is from you — literally.
  • Many Tinder users do not live in your region.
  • You can only communicate with users who like you and vice versa.

How do you use Tinder?

To use Tinder, you must first establish a profile in which you detail your current location, gender, age, distance, and gender preferences. Then you start swiping. After viewing someone’s photo and a brief biography, swipe left if you dislike them and right if you like them.


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