No, but you can delete it. You can’t undo sending photo or video snaps to friends on Snapchat once they’ve been sent. The only option is to erase the message, but there is no guarantee that the receiver will not see it.

How to Delete Sent Chat Messages

Since chat messages are instantly destroyed when you depart a chat, the instructions below assume you are currently in a chat with a buddy or group.

Note: These instructions apply to both the iOS and Android versions of the Snapchat app, but please keep in mind that the screenshots below are from the iOS version.

  1. Tap and hold your finger down on the message you wish to erase in the chat pane.
  2. Select Delete.
  3. To confirm that you want it erased, tap the purple Delete button. Keep in mind that your chat buddies will be able to view what you erased.

Note: Even if you erase your message, there is no guarantee that your friends will not see it. If they were quick enough, they could beat you to it and view the message. Snapchat also warns that deletion may not always be possible depending on the conditions, such as if a buddy has a shaky internet connection or is using an earlier version of the app.

Why Can’t You Unsend Photographs and Videos?

Users identified some hacks that worked for unsending photo or video snaps in prior versions of the Snapchat app. They realised that they could successfully unsend photos on occasion by:

  • Activating the aeroplane mode.
  • removing the recipient of the snap from the sender’s friend list.
  • Blocking the recipient of the snap.
  • Exiting from the sender’s account.
  • Uninstall the app from the sender’s smartphone.
  • Your (the sender’s) account is being deactivated or deleted.

These strategies may have worked in the past, but they no longer work with the most recent versions of the programme. When you send a snap, it is automatically posted to Snapchat’s cloud-based system.

When a recipient opens a snap sent by a friend or group of friends, the snap is automatically removed from Snapchat’s servers. Any action you try to take after sending a snap will fail because the snap has already reached the cloud.

Note: Only in Snapchat story mode can you actually undo (delete) a photo or video snap. If you took a photo or video snap and posted it to your stories, you can delete it by viewing the story, swiping up on it, and hitting the trash symbol. You won’t be able to unsend or remove it if you also send it to friends/groups as a standard snap.

What Can You Unsend on Snapchat?

Although you cannot undo the sending of photos or videos, you can unsend other types of content.  However, “unsend” isn’t quite the right word to describe it. “Delete” is a better word.

Snapchat’s Clear Chats feature allwso users to delete chat messages sent to individuals or groups of friends. The chat is the thread of messages and interactions that appears when you tap the name of a friend or group in your Conversations tab.

Clear Chats different from Clear Snapchat Conversations in that it deletes your most recent friend and group interactions from your Conversations tab.

You have the option to remove any of the following from your chats:

  • Text
  • Stickers (such as Bitmoji stickers)
  • Audio messages
  • Photos and videos that have been sent from the Memories tab (such as those that were saved or uploaded from your device).

Note: Your friends will be able to see what you deleted in the chat.


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