Are your photos taking up the majority of the storage space on your Samsung device? Or maybe you’re switching devices and want to use the same SD card, as well as bring your photos with you. In that case, transferring photos from the internal storage of the Samsung device to an SD card is the best option. However, the first thing you should consider is whether you know how to transfer photos from a Samsung tablet to a micro SD card. If not, this post will show you how. If so, it is time to learn the best and most efficient method.

The importance of having the best solution on hand will have an impact on the entire transferring process and outcome. Nonetheless, you can put an end to your search because this is the best you’ve come up with. Discover now the three simple methods you must not overlook.

Part 1: How to Transfer Photos to an SD Card on a Samsung Device Using the Samsung My Files App

On all Samsung devices, the default built-in data manager is Samsung’s My Files app. With the right knowledge and Samsung’s cutting-edge technology, you can directly transfer photos from internal storage to an SD card on your device. The best part about this method is that you won’t need anything else besides your Samsung device. That is the first method you can use.

How to Transfer Photos to SD Card on Samsung Using the Samsung My Files App:

Step 1: Open the My Files app on your Samsung device and navigate to Internal Storage.

Step 2: Finally, open DCIM or the folder containing the photos to be transferred. Then, for each photo to be transferred, select it and tap Copy or Move.

Step 3: Your screen will immediately return to the My Files app’s main menu. Select SD Card and then navigate to the folder where you want to save your photos. Tap Copy Here or Move Here once the destination folder has been opened.

This method is likely to be successful and efficient. However, if this method appears to be a little unusual for you and you would prefer to transfer on a computer, that is not a problem at all. Your request is our command. Continue reading to see a computer-based solution that is exactly what you are looking for.

Part 2: Using File Explorer to Transfer Photos to an SD Card on a Samsung

File Explorer is the standard file manager application for Windows computers that you can use. File Explorer can be used to transfer data between Samsung devices and computers. This method is also a quick and simple way of transferring photos from Samsung to an SD card.

How to Transfer Photos to an SD Card on a Samsung Using File Explorer:

Step 1: Connect your Samsung device to your computer with a USB cable. Navigate to your Samsung phone’s Internal Storage using File Explorer.

Step 2: Next, launch DCIM or the folder containing the photos to be transferred. Then, while selecting photos, hold down the Ctrl key or press Ctrl + A to select all. After you’ve chosen your photos, you can copy or move them by right-clicking your mouse or pressing Ctrl + C or Ctrl + X, respectively.

Step 3: Finally, return to your Samsung phone’s main menu and select SD Card. Set the destination folder for your photos and then paste them. To do so, right-click your mouse and choose paste, or press Ctrl + V simultaneously.

To allow your computer to access your device’s data, you must tap Allow when a notification appears on your Samsung screen. Furthermore, keep your Samsung devices connected to your computer throughout the transfer. Otherwise, the transfer will be halted, and a stressful error and repeated process will occur.

On that basis, you want to start with the best and most efficient solution possible. As a result, it is advised to use a third-party app that will never lead to disappointments or failed transfers.

Part 3: Using FoneLab HyperTrans to Transfer Photos to an SD Card on a Samsung

FoneLab HyperTrans is a fantastic application tool for viewing, storing, managing, and transferring media files in formats such as HEIC, PNG, and JPG. It is a transfer tool for Windows, iOS, and Android that can be used at any time and from any location. The best part about this tool is that it makes transferring much easier, more effective, faster, and more convenient. You won’t have to wait long, no matter how much data you transfer. In addition to having a preview of all your data, you can transfer data selectively. It is a fantastic tool.

How to Transfer Photos to an SD Card on a Samsung Using FoneLab HyperTrans:

Step 1: Install and launch FoneLab HyperTrans on your computer. Meanwhile, connect your Samsung Galaxy device to your computer with a USB cord. To successfully connect your device to the programme, follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 2: Without further ado, click Photos from the left sidebar, select all of the photos you want to save to your SD Card, and then press the Export button.

Step 3: Finally, select your SD Card as the photo’s destination folder.

Furthermore, it ensures that there will be no quality depletion as a result of this method. A special note to reassure you about FoneLab HyperTrans.


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