• Select the Settings icon.
  • Select Control Center from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the Customize Controls button.
  • To the left of Low Power Mode, press the green Plus button.

The icons and status indicators that appear at the top of your iPhone screen may provide you with a wealth of useful information, allowing you to better understand what they represent.

As a result, you may be wondering why the battery symbol on your iPhone is yellow when it is generally a different colour.

You’re probably aware of the many display states that your iPhone’s battery icon might enter. It is green when fully charged, red when nearly exhausted, and white or black at all other times, depending on the colour of the background of your screen.

However, iOS 9 adds a new option: when you enable Low Power Mode, your battery symbol turns yellow.

The low power mode is a fantastic feature for iPhone users who frequently run out of battery life or have iPhones with degrading batteries.

However, you might not have enabled Low Power mode on purpose, or you might dislike the yellow battery so much that the battery life gains from Low Power mode are negligible. This post will show you how to discover and stop the Low Power Mode, preventing your battery icon from turning yellow.

The steps detailed in this article were completed on an iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 9. These steps, as well as the material in this page, apply to iOS 10 as well.

If you’re reading this because your iPhone has a yellow battery icon and you’re not sure how it got there, it’s possible that you accidentally enabled Low Power Mode.

Apart from the method detailed in the steps below for setting or removing this feature, it can also be enabled via a pop-up window that appears automatically when your iPhone’s battery life hits 20% or less.

How Do I Replace the Battery Indicator?

Changing the iPhone’s battery indication is simple. Simply place your finger on any portion of the display and hold it there. Open up the widget setting by tapping the addition sign.  Locate the battery widget in the list. You’d be able to modify the battery indication here.

How Do I Turn My iPhone’s Battery Yellow?

It’s really easy. Just activate the ‘low power mode,’ and the battery will be instantly changed to yellow.

How Can I Change The Icon For The Battery On My iPhone 11?

You can’t completely change the battery icon unless it’s jailbroken. For a better understanding of your battery, you can change the conventional battery metre to a percentage display on a regular iPhone. Simply go to Settings and turn on the Battery Percentage option.

How Do You Change The Image On A Battery?

Only jailbroken phones can have their battery images changed. Jailbreaking your phone can brick it and render it completely useless. We recommend that you do not put yourself in this much danger by changing the battery image.

Why is the percentage of my battery orange?

The battery percentage on your phone is Orange because the battery is less than 20% charged. It’s a warning notice that your phone may be turned off automatically.

What Is the Meaning of a Battery Charge Indicator?

The battery charge indicator shows you how much battery is left and provides you an idea of how long the smartphone can be used without being recharged.

How can I make my battery icon bigger?

The battery icon on regular Androids cannot be enlarged using stock software. However, there are numerous apps on Google Play that allow you to customise the battery icon.

How Do I Make My iPhone’s Battery Icon Bigger?

You cannot change the exact dimensions of your battery icon, you can get an enlarged battery view by using the battery widget. The widget will not appear in the precise location of your battery. It will instead be displayed on the main screen.

How Do You Make Your Battery Look Different?

The PowerColor app can be used to colour your battery. Download it to experiment with different battery colours.

How Do I Change The Icon For The Battery On My iPhone 12?

You cannot change the icon, but you can add a battery widget to the screen or change the battery to a percentage visual.

How Do I Change My iPhone X Battery Icon?

Similarly to the previous one, you will be unable to perform this switch unless you jailbreak your device. The Alkaline App can be used to customise the battery icon on a jailbroken iPhone 10.

What Is The iPhone Battery Symbol?

There are various battery symbols, such as green, which indicates that the battery is charged, and yellow, which indicates that the battery is depleted. When the battery is connected to the outlet, a bolt icon appears next to it.

How Do I Get The Battery Icon To Appear On My iPhone’s Taskbar?

Go to the Settings and search Battery. Settings within the Battery enable the Battery Percentage. The battery percentage is now displayed in the taskbar.

How Do I Keep My iPhone Battery At 100 Percentage?

There is no other way to keep your iPhone battery at 100% all of the time than to use a Portable Battery Charger.

What Wreaks Havoc On The Health Of An iPhone’s Battery?

Charging or using the phone in temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius can harm the battery’s health. Another issue that can harm battery health is overcharging.

Is 85 a good battery age?

Without a doubt, it’s good battery health. However, it has worn down to some level, and when it falls below 79 percent, it may begin gradually diminishing the performance output.

Is A 99-Cell Battery Suitable For An iPhone?

Yes, most new and well-maintained iPhones have such battery ratings.

Why Is My Battery Health 97?

Battery health degrades slowly with time.  However, 97 indicates that the battery is still in good condition. When the temperature falls below 80 degrees Fahrenheit, Apple normally suggests service.

Does Dark Mode Conserve Battery Life?

Yes, it not only protects your eyes, but it also saves 40-45 percent of energy at full brightness!

Is An 80-Cell Battery Good For The Health Of An iPhone?

Nope! If you don’t want to suffer bad performance, a score of 80 does not imply good battery health, and you should contact a service centre.

In conclusion

So, after a very instructive session, we’ve arrived at the final sections of our guide. Apple severely restricts user customization in the default IOS operating system. As a result, many people resort to jailbreaking techniques for more advanced customization. If you want to do it, make sure you do it safely because it can be quite dangerous and could brick the device.


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