On a multi-monitor configuration, this post will show you how to utilise the Dual Monitor Tools software to lock your mouse cursor to a single screen.

How can I prevent my mouse from moving to the second monitor?

When you add a second monitor to Windows, there are no built-in tools for locking down your mouse to a single monitor (although some full-screen games and applications will do it by default). The Dual Monitor Tools application is the best way to control your mouse with dual monitors.

  1. Install the Dual Monitor Tools application from the official website.
  2. Choose options by right-clicking or tapping and holding the tray icon for Dual Monitor Tools.
  3. Select General from the left-hand menu’s Cursor heading.
  4. Select Change next to Lock cursor onto screen, then check the Enable box, enter your command, and press OK.

Allowing the cursor to travel freely if this key is pressed is also a good idea, as it allows you to quickly and temporarily disable the screen lock if necessary.

How Do I Make My Cursor Stick to a Game?

When switching between apps, many recent games will set your screen mode to borderless window without locking your pointer. This can be problematic if your mouse keeps straying to the second display when you move it past the screen’s borders. To stop this behaviour, either use the Dual Monitor Tools method described above, or change the display mode of your game to Fullscreen (non-windowed) in the settings menu.

How Do I Control My Mouse When I Have Two Monitors?

Controlling your mouse across dual monitors is the same as controlling it across a single larger monitor. If everything is in order, the twin screens should work as a single expanded display (or as a duplicated one, if you prefer). Download Dual Monitor tools and experiment with the various settings available to get the results you want for greater control or the ability to lock your mouse to a single display, regardless of how many screens you have.


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