Tired of blaming your controller for a near-win? Perhaps we have a solution for you.

You’ll agree that the functionality and design of your controller contribute significantly to your gaming technique. It can spell the difference between a victory and a defeat.

So, forget the regular model; technical advancements have developed to the point where you may obtain a one-of-a-kind custom ps4 controller customised to your specific preferences. A broad variety of designs are available on the market. But, these days, what exactly can be changed on the controllers?

The possibilities are unlimited, from the size of the face buttons to the position of the thumb sticks. Some manufacturers allow you to create your controller from the ground up to achieve the desired design.

You simply select all of the necessary components, from the shell design to the shape of the joystick and everything in between. After that, the manufacturer assembles it for you, and you’re ready to go.

You may be able to change an existing controller while acquiring it in some rare cases. You’ll be able to customise the PS home button, touch pad, and triggers. The touch pad’s LED bar may also be customised to meet your individual needs.

Do you have a lucky or favourite colour? Aside from selecting a pattern that appeals to you, you can also select one in the colour of your choice.

The controller’s texture is also highly essential. They are made from a range of materials, such as rubber and plastic. What you should seek for is one that has a good grip. Rubber controllers are typically ideal. Why? They’re not only comfy, but they also enable you to play for extended periods of time without your hands sliding.

It’s no secret that a controller goes through a lot of button mashing throughout your quest to win the game. As a result, regardless of design, the controller must be built in such a way that it can endure the rigours of heavy use. As a result, a long-lasting controller is ideal.

Depending on your gaming level and preferences, you may now configure your controller into a modded or unmodded style. In addition, you can choose between one made of authentic parts and one made of imitations.

You may not only personalise the controller, but you can also change the warranty period. However, you will have to pay a few extra dollars to obtain this extension.

We’ll make the procedure as straightforward as possible whether you’re on the market for a new controller or have realised it’s time to update. We compiled a list of the top custom PS4 controllers on the market. All you have to do is look for the characteristics you need.

Best Custom PS4 Controllers Reviews

PS4 Macro Remap Controller Mega Modz

Mega Modz PS4 Macro Remap Controller is a brand new product that has recently hit the market. It has a long list of features aimed at personalising the gaming experience, unlike any other gaming controller on the market. The product can be used for two main purposes: programming a wide range of macros (from simple remaps to advanced ones) and replicating many popular mods (Rapid Fire, Auto Sprint etc). There is no need for software or an app for programming because all commands can be set up on the fly on the controller using stock buttons.

The Macro Remap function modifies the following inputs: Double Tap, Triple Tap, Button Holding Down, and Straight Remap are all examples of the same button presses. The timing of a stock button being pressed and released, held down, as well as the timing of button presses and pauses between presses, can all be adjusted, giving the user a great deal of flexibility.

Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, Dual Trigger Rapid Fire, Sniper Breath, Auto Sprint, and Auto Heal are some of the popular gaming mods that can be programmed with the product. The ability to have up to three inputs of the same button active at the same time is a significant advantage over traditional mods (one standard button input and two modified ones for you to choose the most beneficial one at any given moment in a game and execute it).

Mega Modz’s PS4 Macro Remap Controller features two large ergonomic buttons on the back, a Quick Control LED indicator, five sub-modes, and a programming mode. It can play most of the most popular sports, action, battle royale, adventure, combat, and shooting games out there.

PS4 Elite Controller by Geniusmods

Here we have an elite PS4 controller designed specifically for top pro gamers. Its one-of-a-kind soft touch rubberized shell provides a comfortable grip, resulting in comfort even during extended gaming sessions. Furthermore, the shell has paddles on the back for quick action response. The paddles are made to last a long time and will not snap or lose sensitivity prematurely.

Know this: When you first buy the paddles, they are set to X on the left and O on the right. However, you do have the option of personalising them. To name a few, changeable options include: X,O, Triangle, and Square.

Trigger stops, for example, not only allow you to shoot up to 50% faster but also drastically reduce the time it takes to shoot in first-person shooter games. This feature comes in handy when playing games like Black Ops 3, Infinite Warfare, and Battlefield. This feature will also be available in future game releases, such as Black Ops 4. You are not required to upgrade to a new controller anytime soon.

This controller is perfect for sanctioned tournaments. However, always double-check with your tournament organiser for any specific local rules and regulations to ensure this controller is permitted.

To finish things off, it comes with a one-year warranty on the controller and a three-year warranty on paddle adjustments and repairs. You may purchase an extended warranty if desired.

Finally, it not only looks great but also feels great. In general, I’d suggest it to anyone seeking a straightforward controller with readily adjusted paddles.

List of Specifications

  • The trigger is deactivated
  • JDM-055 is a new model (Slim Pro Version)
  • Touchpad with LEDs
  • Model CUH-ZCT2
  • Buttons in blue chrome
  • Shell with a dark blue splatter

Quality: 4.5/5 

Value For Money: 3.5/5 

Ease Of Use: 4/5 

Overall Score: 4/5

Playstation 4 Dualshock Custom Controller

This controller is based on the most recent PlayStation 4 model—the second generation. It is assembled in the United States by the professional OC Gaming team, as are all Sony controllers. They have worked in the gaming industry for many years.

With so many poor imitations on the market, you’ll be relieved to know that this model is the genuine Sony version. As a result, it’s a high-quality product that performs as expected.

Soft touch customizations are common on modern controllers, and this PS4 dual shock model is no exception. It has a more matte finish that not only looks but also feels great for a comfortable gaming experience. It is relatively lightweight due to the materials used in its construction.

This model is available in a variety of appealing bright colours, so you’re sure to find one that appeals to you. It is a wireless unit that allows for easy charging. Unfortunately, if you want to connect it to your PlayStation or charging dock, it does not come with a standard cord.

Although it works well on a PC, some games will require the use of a button mapper in order to play.

Because the buttons do not stick, they are easier to use. The Options button, on the other hand, is slightly recessed, making it more difficult to press than the others. It’s not a big deal because it’s not a feature you’ll use very often in most games.

For a few dollars, you can get an extended warranty for your controller.

Overall, thanks to the smooth and responsive buttons, this controller is not only user friendly, but also quite durable. Furthermore, because of the long battery life—up to a couple of days depending on usage—you can play for prolonged periods of time.

Even though it’s a little pricey, it’s well worth it. It works well and provides a firm grip that keeps your hands from slipping.

List of Specifications

  • Touchpad light bar
  • Feel of rubberized silicone
  • Soft touch blue with personalization
  • Wireless
  • Design of the shell
  • Warranty extension

Quality: 4.5/5 

Value For Money: 4/5  

Ease Of Use: 4/5 

Overall rating: 4/5

Bloody Hands PS4 Rapid Fire Custom Controller by ModdedZone

This brand is ideal for competitive gamers. ModdedZone is well-known for its PS4 modded controllers, which are created in-house and must pass stringent quality control checks.

These controllers are intended for use by the user. Each one includes a unique rapid fire chip that will give you a competitive advantage over your opponent. Furthermore, this fire chip has ten adjustable modes, allowing you to find your ideal setting. It enables you to turn on or off rapid fire in a fraction of a second. In addition, you can switch between rapid fire modes on the fly.

This brand is fully compatible with the most recent first-person shooter (FPS) games available, such as Destiny and Medal of Honor. You won’t have to fear that your controller will become obsolete as new games are released.

You can play in style if you choose this model, which has appealing custom mixed paints and crystal finishes.

What we like best about this controller is that it is completely unique. This means that only genuine Sony components were used in its manufacture. When the box is opened, a custom-painted original Sony modified controller and an instruction booklet are inside. However, there are some things to think about. It doesn’t come with a cable or any other accessories.

The mode chip comes with a one-year warranty that covers all defects. This is the product to choose if you want a controller that not only looks great but also feels great. In most cases, its operation is impressive. However, the mode buttons occasionally turn on and off at random, which is inconvenient and can cost you a game. It may even cause the controller to shut down completely.

Aside from that, the design is strong and handles exceptionally well.

List Of Specifications

  • Custom-blended paints
  • Finished in crystal
  • PlayStation is entirely original.
  • Modification master
  • Activate the rapid fire mode
  • Mode Zombie
  • Button layout has been flipped.

Quality: 4/5 

Value For Money: 3.5/5

Ease Of Use: 4/5

Overall rating: 4/4

Dual Shock Controller for Sony PlayStation 4

Are you looking for the most recent custom controller on the market? This is the most recent Dual Shock 4 model, and it is made entirely of genuine Sony components. As a result, you won’t have to worry about buying a subpar product.

It has chrome silver and red buttons as well as aluminium thumbsticks, making it visually appealing.

Any gamer will tell you how important clear visuals are while gaming.

For improved visuals, a graphics image has been applied to the front of the shell on this controller.

Important: Because manufacturing tolerances apply, imaging will not look exactly the same. However, the same pattern will hold true.

It will last a long time because it is painted with a high-quality automotive paint for added protection. The back shell is designed to allow for a firm grip and a comfortable gaming experience.

You’ll appreciate that this is a complete controller with a custom design, rather than a shell or parts kit, which means it doesn’t require any assembly when it arrives. Simply unpack and you’re ready to go.

It may take some time to calibrate, but once adjusted, it works fairly well. It’s on our list of recommended products because of its appealing colour scheme and trendy design. The best part is that it runs smoothly and without sticking.

However, because of its design, I would recommend this controller for less intense games. Games like Call of Duty will necessitate a more advanced controller.

List Of Specifications

  • Imagery in silver and red camo
  • High-quality automotive paint
  • Touchpad with LEDs
  • Wireless

Quality: 4/5 

Value For Money: 4/5 

Ease Of Use: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4/5 

Ps4 Pro Blue Fire Custom Unmodified Controller

Who says you can’t play video games in style? This is a bespoke PlayStation 4 controller with a distinctive design embellished with mixed paints and crystal finishes. It has rich graphics, and the overall cosmetic appearance makes it a very appealing model. The thumb sticks light up while you’re playing, making for a more immersive gaming experience.

This brand is manufactured in the United States, and only genuine Sony parts are used in the construction of the controllers. As a result, if you choose this model, you can expect a high-quality, dependable product. This is an unmodified custom controller with a one-of-a-kind design that is suitable for any serious gamer.

Aside from the controller, you’ll get an instruction booklet that includes all you need to know to have a great gaming experience. Keep in mind, though, that this kit does not contain a cable; you will have to purchase one separately, which will increase your gaming expenditures.

It weighs only 11.8oz, making it very light and easy to handle. This kind of controller is compatible with the majority of games, including Rapid Fire, Burst Fire, and Sniper Breath.

You’ll also appreciate the fact that it comes with a rechargeable battery already installed for your convenience.

One of its disadvantages is the battery, which can quickly run out of power. Because of the LED joysticks, this is the case. Some gamers find these distracting, but this is a personal preference. However, because the sticks are pre-set, you cannot turn them on and off.

Overall, it’s a good PS4 controller that’s not only quick but also looks and feels good. If you choose this high-quality controller, you’ll be able to play for hours while remaining comfortable.

List Of Specifications

  • Buttons in blue chrome
  • Wireless
  • The battery is rechargeable.
  • Thumbsticks that light up
  • Controller unmodified
  • 100% genuine Sony components

Quality: 3.5/5

Value For Money: 4/5

Ease Of Use: 4/5

Overall rating: 4/5

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller by Crazy Controllerz

Because of the soft touch construction, this line of PS4 custom controllers is specifically designed for a comfortable gaming experience. Each controller has a unique velvet-like coating. This is the only product on the market with this unique texture. You will have more grip during your session as a result of this material.

It’s a well-known fact that your palms tend to sweat after hours of gaming, causing your controller to slip.

The Crazy Controllerz brand, on the other hand, elicits quite the opposite reaction. Simply put, the more your palms sweat, the better your grip.

It comes in a number of colours, ensuring that you’ll find one that complements your mood and gaming style. Whichever colour you choose, red, blue, or green, is totally up to you. All you have to do is order quickly before your favourite colour sells out because it’s a popular brand.

These controllers come with a three-year free membership in the manufacturer’s joystick replacement programme.

However, keep in mind that this only applies to the plastic joystick cap and not the mechanism. You will also be liable for any replacement shipping fees.

As with most controllers, it does not come with a controller charger, so it must be purchased separately.

There are no mod buttons on this device. As a result, you can toggle the features on and off by pressing a combination of the controller’s buttons.

One significant disadvantage of this controller is that the soft peel touch may not last as long as the rest of the device. After a few uses, it may begin to peel, calling the product’s durability into question.

Furthermore, the design isn’t as strong as some other models. The controller was not built with the best materials. As a result, the creases aren’t level, and the seams aren’t as uniform as they should be.

Furthermore, the colours aren’t exactly as they appear in online images. The colours are a shade darker than I anticipated.

Despite these reservations, it feels great to the touch and allows for an effective grip for a fun gaming session.

List Of Specifications

  • Feeling soft to the touch
  • Bright orange
  • Sony gaming controller
  • Front shell made to order
  • Warranty extension
  • Touchpad has a small light
  • The blue light bar

Quality: 3/5

Value For Money: 3.5/5

Ease Of Use: 4/5

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


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