Today, I’ve written an article about How to Enable Split Screen Mode on the OnePlus Nord.

Do you own a OnePlus Nord and want to run two of your favourite apps on the screen of your OnePlus Nord at the same time?

Don’t worry, Later today, we’ll go over how to use a split-screen on your OnePlus Nord.

A split-screen allows you to run two of your favourite apps at the same time. In OnePlus Nord, enable Split Screen.

As an example,

For example, watching YouTube videos while browsing in Chrome, or watching other videos while chatting on Facebook, etc.

Remember that only a few applications support split-screen or multi-window mode.

You can also use your OnePlus Nord phone’s parallel app feature.

You can use two different accounts for the same app, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on.

Two Methods for Enabling Split Screen Mode on the OnePlus Nord

Here are two methods for enabling or activating the split-screen option on the OnePlus Nord.

Method #1: How to Enable Split Screen on the OnePlus Nord

  • To begin, navigate to the “Recent Apps” area on your OnePlus Nord.
  • Then, long touch the app you wish to use in split-screen mode and select Split screen.

Note: If you long-press the split-screen button and it is not activated, it means that the application does not support split-screen.

  • Set the app to appear in the upper half of your OnePlus Nord screen.
  • Then, from the application list, pick “Applications.”
  • That concludes our discussion.

You can now move your cursor up and down the screen to see the selected application.

This means that one programme will be in the upper half of the screen, while the other will be in the lower half.

Method #2: Enabling Split Screen Mode on the OnePlus Nord using

  1. Gestures and Buttons
  2. To begin, open your phone’s Settings app and navigate to Buttons & Gestures.
  3. Then, touch the Navigation bar and motions.
  4. In the Navigation Bar, make sure to select Back, Home, and Recents.
  5. Now, within the custom settings, click on the Navigation bar customisation.
  6. Click the Recent button.
  7. Then, perform a long-press movement.
  8. Select Open/Close split screen now.
  9. Finally, Set the app to split-screen mode, open recent apps, and long-press the recent button.
  10. That’s It

How to Disable the OnePlus Nord’s Split Screen Mode

To quit the split-screen mode, tap the middle of the screen and swipe down.

You can also exit the split-screen view by pressing the back button on your phone.


So, this detailed step-by-step explanation was about How to Turn On Split Screen Mode on the OnePlus Nord, and I hope you found it useful.

Which approaches from this tutorial would you like to try first?

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