Have you ever noticed that your iPhone starts doing things on its own? The screen may sometimes respond to nonexistent touches, or applications will launch without you clicking on them; this peculiar behavior is known as Ghost touch. It may be really inconvenient.

Sometimes Ghost touch necessitates taking your iPhone to Apple, but before you do, you may attempt a variety of simple remedies, which range from cleaning the iPhone touch screen to conducting a factory reset.

Ghost Touch Is Affecting An iPhone

The iPhone “Ghost touch” bug was revealed to be widespread on the iPhone X. Happily, in November 2018, Apple announced publicly that it has discovered certain problems with the iPhone X’s touch screen and pledged to give free repairs to anybody who was afflicted.

We just found that the “ghost touch” concerns impact additional models, not only the iPhone X and XR, but also the iPhone 8, iPhone 7, and the iPhone SE. iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 models If someone claims that “Ghost touch” affects all iPhones, he or she should not be held accountable. Let’s have a look at some simple and viable solutions to the problem.

Wipe Down the Touch Screen

Cleaning your iPhone touch screen may seem to be a simple activity, but it may be a highly effective barrier against Ghost touch. Cleaning the touch screen is critical because it removes any dust or debris that may interfere with how the iPhone registers your touch.

On no account should you wipe the touch screen while the iPhone is turned on or hooked into any light or attached cables; instead, turn it off and unhook any connected wires. Do not clean with any cloth, particularly unclean ones; instead, use a soft and clean cloth, such as one meant to clean glasses. You should moisten this cloth slightly with warm water before cleaning the touch screen gently yet firmly from one end to the other.

Take Off Your Screen Protector

Millions of iPhone owners use this screen protector since it protects their phone’s screen, however according to a new finding, this screen protector occasionally interferes with how the touch screen performs. As a result, you should consider uninstalling it since it aids in the resolution of the Ghost touch issue.

When removing the iPhone screen protector, start at one corner and gently peel the cover off the iPhone screen. If the protector is broken, please don’t attempt to remove it yourself to prevent further damage; instead, take it to a professional repair shop or to Apple.

The best recommendation is to contact the protective screen’s maker. They’ll be able to provide greater advice on how to get rid of the protection.

Remove your iPhone case

One of the reasons for the iPhone Ghost screen is a slightly twisted screen; if your iPhone has such a twisted screen, you should try removing the associated hard case; it is often this hard case that twists the screen. So you should try deleting it to see if it makes a difference.

Reboot Your Phone

Restarting your iPhone is typically a good idea if there is a problem, especially if you are experiencing Ghost touch issues. To restart your iPhone, follow this instruction.

  • Hold down the side and volume buttons firmly until the slide to power off slider appears.
  • Adjust the power off slider to the right.
  • After shutting down, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo shows.

Other Tips For Dealing With Ghost Touch Issues

  • Force your iPhone to restart.
  • IOS should be updated.
  • Carry out a factory reset.
  • Restore your iPhone.
  • Bring in your iPhone to Apple.


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