There are an increasing number of high-definition cellphones on the market these days. You don’t need a point-and-shoot camera. In fact, phone cameras are fully capable of taking images and selfies. The Huawei P30 Pro is a popular camera phone that can capable at long distances owing to its 10x hybrid zoom. In addition, Samsung has introduced a new 108-megapixel camera sensor.

High-resolution images need a lot of storage space. As a result, on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and other Android smartphones, you should transfer images to the SD card. If your phone’s internal storage capacity is full, you may transfer images, movies, music, and other big data to the SD card.

Part 1: Using the My Files App on a Samsung Galaxy to Move Pictures to an SD Card

By transferring photos to your SD card, you may free up storage space while also improving the phone’s performance. Here’s how to transfer images from internal memory to an SD card. Before beginning the procedure, make sure your SD card is put into the SD slot on your Samsung.

Step1: Launch the My Files application. Select Images from the Category menu.

Step2: Choose an album depending on your requirements. If you wish to save all of your photos to an SD card, go to Camera.

Step 3: Tap the image you wish to resize. A checkmark will appear in the lower-left corner.

Step 4: In the upper right corner, click the three-dot More symbol.

Step 5: From the drop-down list, choose Move. Tap Copy instead if you wish to preserve the original photographs.

Step 6: Select the SD Card and specify the destination folder. Finally, hit Transfer Here/Done to move photographs to the SD card on your Samsung phone.

Part 2: How to Transfer Selected Photos and Folders from Internal Storage to SD Card on a Samsung

Here’s another method for directly moving photos from the Gallery to the SD card on a Samsung device. Simply remove all photographs from your Android phone’s device storage area. Furthermore, you may use a third-party Android file manager, such as ES File Manager, to transfer data from internal storage to SD card.

Step1: Launch the Settings application. Select Storage & USB from the drop-down menu.

Step2: Get a list of all the storage places on your Android phone. Under Device Storage, choose Internal Storage.

Step3: Select Images to see all Samsung images. You can also see how big the picture file is.

Step4: Choose the album or photo you wish to save to your SD card.

Step5: Tap the three-dot More icon in the top right corner. When the pop-up menu appears, choose either Move to/Copy to from the options.

Step6: Give your SD card a name. Set the output path to store the relocated images. Tap Move/Copy to transfer photos from your Samsung Galaxy S10 and other devices to your SD card.

Part 3: How to Transfer Pictures from a Samsung Phone to a Different Phone or Computer

Any data may be transferred from Android to iOS, Windows, or Mac with FoneLab HyperTrans. If your SD card already has a lot of information on it, you may transfer photos from Samsung to PC to free up space. By the way, you may immediately move data from an old Samsung to a new phone or images from a Samsung to a PC.

  1. Transfer photos from Samsung’s internal storage or SD card to any Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac device.
  2. Transfer files like images, videos, messages, contacts, ringtones, Microsoft documents, and so on.
  3. Files across mobile phones may be managed, edited, backed up, and restored.
  4. There is complete support for Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8/S7/S6/S5/S4 and other Samsung phones.

Step1: Get the Android file transfer programme for free, install it, and run it. Connect your Samsung to your computer via a USB connection. To enable USB debugging, follow the instructions on the screen.

Step2: In the left pane, click Photos to access all albums saved in Samsung. Open one folder to locate the file you wish to relocate. You may also make a new album to organise your favourite photos.

Step3: After you’ve chosen your images, go to the top toolbar and choose Export. You can rapidly transfer photos and albums to your computer or linked iDevice.

That’s all there is to it for moving photos to an SD card on Samsung phones and tablets. You may use the same procedure to transfer additional files from internal storage to the SD card. You may also use FoneLab HyperTrans to backup data from your Samsung to your PC.

By the way, you may make the SD card the default storage location for additional Android files.


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