If you’re curious about what a yellow battery indication on your iPhone screen implies, I’ve provided a simple explanation below. Continue reading to learn the fundamentals of the yellow iPhone battery colour indication.

Low Power Mode is shown by a yellow battery symbol.

On the iPhone, a yellow battery symbol signifies that the device is in low power mode. Under normal conditions, this does not indicate a concern until the battery indicator suddenly goes yellow and does not alter regardless of whether the battery life is still adequate or not on a critical level.

When activated, your iPhone will automatically enter Low Power mode if the battery life falls to 20% or less. When this occurs, the battery symbol changes to yellow. When you see a yellow battery on your iPhone, you know it’s going to run out of juice.

If you haven’t activated Low Power Mode and your iPhone’s battery falls below 20%, you will be prompted to do so the instant it hits 20%.

When you touch to activate the function, your iPhone enters low-power mode, and the battery symbol in the status bar becomes yellow.

How can I restore the battery icon’s original colour?

When you set Low Power Mode, the battery consumption is reduced in order to stretch or maintain the remaining power on your smartphone. When you recharge your iPhone and the battery reaches 80 percent, the battery indicator returns to its regular (green) state.

What should you do if your iPhone’s battery is yellow even though it isn’t low?

As previously stated, there are times when the battery indicator on your iPhone turns yellow even when the power isn’t extremely low. In this situation, it’s most likely because your iPhone is experiencing battery troubles, such as quick power loss. This is frequently what happens to many iPhones after installing a software update that has a bug that messed up the power system and led your iPhone to get trapped in low power mode. The same thing might happen to devices that have hardware-related battery problems.

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To cope with battery troubles caused by software errors, it is vital to rule out probable causes such as rogue programmes. A force restart is the simplest but most effective technique you may attempt.

A hard restart on an iPhone terminates any abnormal programmes and system services, allowing the machine to complete a regular reboot procedure. There are many methods to forcibly restart an iPhone, and the process varies depending on the model.

This procedure has no effect on any stored data on your iPhone and hence does not need the construction of a backup.

Is the battery in your iPhone still yellow?

If your iPhone battery stays yellow even when Low Power Mode is set and the battery is completely charged, there is a chance that hardware damage has occurred. To rule it out, take your gadget to an Apple Genius bar near you for a complete examination.


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