Samsung smartphones are well-known for their superior modifications to any other UI. The Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones were released in 2021. You may notice some variations in how things function when compared to your previous phone.

Taking screenshots on a Samsung cellphone is straightforward. On your phone, you can capture a screenshot in a variety of methods. Let’s take a look at how to snap a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S21. You really have a plethora of options for doing this.

If you’ve been using an Android device, you’re probably familiar with this method of taking screenshots.

1. Volume Down Button + Menu Key

Go to the screen you wish to capture a screenshot of, then press the Menu Key and Volume Down Button simultaneously.

When a screenshot is taken, you should see an animation and hear a sound effect.

After you snap the screenshot, you’ll see a few shortcuts that you may use to tweak it and rapidly share it to other applications or emails.

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2. Making Use of the S Pen (Only supports S21 Ultra)

Simply bring out your S Pen and choose the Smart select option from the menu that appears.

You may use Smart Select to screenshot and share a rectangular region or a shape of your choice.

You’ll have more options for editing that screenshot or scribble on it with the S Pen.

3. Take a screenshot with your palm.

You may snap a screenshot by swiping your hand horizontally from left to right or right to left.

It is not enabled by default on your phone, therefore you must first activate it. Toggle the “Palm swipe to capture” option to activate it under Settings > Advanced features > Motions & gestures > Palm swipe to capture.


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