The DualSense PlayStation 5 controller is a complete redesign of the PS4 DualShock controller, including the USB charging port. Sony seems to have modified practically everything about their new DualSense design.

Unlike the PS4 controller, which charges using the USB 2.0 Micro standard, the PS5 controller charges via a USB-C cable connection. The Type-C Superspeed USB (10 Gbps) input on the front of the PS5 may be used to charge devices. A USB-C charging cable for the controller is supplied with the PS5.

The PS5 will, however, offer a variety of USB input channels on the front and back panels of the console:

  • 1x Type-C Superspeed USB (10 Gbps) on the front, 1x Type-A Hi-Speed USB on the back
  • 2x Type-A Superspeed USB ports on the back (10 Gbps)

Which USB Ports Are Used By PS5 Controllers For Charging?

Users may charge their PlayStation 5 DualSense controller by plugging it into the accompanying USB-C charging cable, with the other end hooked into the PS5 system (in the appropriate USB Type-C input channel on the front).

The PS5 DualSense, according to Sony, is completely compatible with all USB ports on your PS5 system. To charge your PS5 controller, just insert the USB cable into your PS5 console and the other end into the controller to begin charging. The charging process will be shown by the LED light.

For your (older) DualShock 4.0 wireless controllers, which can be used to play PS4 games on your PS5, all accessible USB input channels are also available. Unfortunately, PS3 games are not backward compatible with the PS5, therefore PS3 controllers cannot be recharged or connected to the PS5.

Is a USB C cable included with the PS5?

No additional charging cable is required, as originally mentioned. The PlayStation 5 bundle includes a DualSense controller as well as a USB-C charging cord.

Because the official PS5 (re)charging cable is specifically developed for use with your new controller, it is preferred above any compatible third-party (re)charging cable.

Keep in mind that controllers only need to be attached to the cord while the battery is being charged. The DualSense controller is wireless, making it highly convenient for players to utilise it throughout the home.

Is It Possible To Charge A PS5 Controller With A PS4 Cable?

The older Micro USB cable that comes with the PlayStation 4 will not be able to charge the new DualSense controller (used solely for PS5 systems). For charging, the DualShock 4.0 controller (used with PS4 consoles) employs a distinct form of USB input/output.

Fortunately, your new console will include a totally new and perfectly compatible USB-C type cable for (re)charging your DualSense controller.

Keep your previous charging wire since the PS4 controller is backwards compatible with the PS5 for playing older PS4 games. You may still charge your DualShock 4.0 controller (for PS4) with the old Micro USB cord on the PS5.


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