I’m notorious for doing bizarre and strange things. If you know me and have watched my actions, you’ve undoubtedly asked me a question that all of my friends have asked me at some point in their lives: “Why?” So, my response is, “Why not?” So, sure, I recently traded in my iPhone XS Max for a new iPhone 12 small. And, to be honest? I’m really enjoying it. Firsthand accounts of the transition from a Max to a Mini are always interesting, so here they are. And if you’re in this really precise position, you’ll be able to determine the victor of the iPhone XS Max vs. iPhone 12 mini debate.

Why I purchased the iPhone 12 mini in particular

For one thing, my XS Max’s glass back was shattered, and it was towards the end of its useful life. I adore the phone, but I have to say that it lost its lustre when I realised I’d find cracks all over it when I removed the cover. To be honest, I had told myself that I would keep the iPhone 14 “out of sight, out of mind” until the price decreased, but I couldn’t stop myself when the prices plummeted.

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And, no, I didn’t choose the mini just because it was the cheapest (though that’s a good enough argument if you just want an update to tide you over until Apple produces anything worth upgrading for). Honestly? The screen size of the iPhone XS Max had a significant role in its success. I was bored of the huge-as-hell screen that I couldn’t even operate one-handed. Using it while lying down was often a one-way ticket to having my face slapped by its large screen, which I despise.

Plus, I’m dealing with women’s pockets, you understand? They don’t even create pockets big enough for our phones, much alone that massive apparatus I’m meant to call portable.

Another key reason for my choice was that I had the 64GB model (the XS didn’t come in a 128GB model), which was hardly enough capacity for anything. I wanted more capacity, dammit, and 256GB on the 12 mini was a good price.

So, sure, I thought it was about time. My mania with phablets had long died off, and I was eager to buy something really useful for my everyday life. As a result, the iPhone 12 tiny was born!

So, why not the 13 mini?

It was, uh, discounted. If you didn’t already know, when the iPhone 13 was unveiled, the pricing for the iPhone 11, 12, and 12 mini plummeted (and the 12 Pros were discontinued). I know the 13 mini has a higher battery life and would have gotten me to the current iPhone generation. But, in the end, I’m all about value, and the 13 doesn’t give much more than the 12. Camera quality is amazing and everything, but I have a DSLR, so it doesn’t really matter to me. In terms of photography, the iPhone 12 small is a good boost over the XS Max, with its 4K front camera, optical image stabilisation, and ultra-wide lens.

If I hadn’t been looking for the smallest phone possible, I would have gone with the good old iPhone 12. (Also, the iPhone 13 doesn’t come in purple, and the pink one is hideous.) That is something I will never get over.)

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When it comes to batteries… Let’s start with the elephant in the room (or the ant)

There is no way out of it. The battery in the iPhone 12 mini is, to put it mildly, quite little. But everything’s not lost.

Sure, the battery life is pitiful when compared to my former superphone, which could occasionally last two days with casual usage. I could watch movies on my XS Max for hours without it dying, however now I have to go to my iPad if I want to watch a movie or a series. So that stings a little. But, to be honest, I have a wonderful power bank that works with both my iPad and iPhone, and the 12 mini charges so rapidly that it helps to balance the scales.

Still, leaving the house without a power bank has sadly become a no-no, which is aggravating. But this is what I selected! And, thus far, I’ve been pleased with my update, thanks to my increased comfort with using and caring about my smartphone.

My impressions on the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone 12 tiny have been summarised in this post: The 12 micro is clearly the best option for me. Have you ever wished your iPhone was a little smaller? And what are you going to do about it? Tell me in the comments!


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