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Is your PS4 running hot or noisy, and you’re thinking whether purchasing PS4 cooling fans is worth it? I’ll explain if they’re worthwhile to purchase and whether they improve the performance of the PS4.

A PS4 cooling fan is worthwhile if you want your PS4 to last a long time. Because the PS4 is a warm system, cooling fans minimize fan noise for intensive games while also increasing the PS4’s lifetime.

If you’re curious about how a PS4 cooling fan works, keep reading. We’ll also discuss whether a PS4 Pro needs a cooling fan, and then we’ll look at some of the top PS4 cooling fans.

A PS4 cooling fan works by positioning it towards the rear of the console, away from where the heat is dissipating, in order for the cooling fan to assist in dissipating the heat more quickly. This should assist to decrease the PS4’s temperature and may also minimise noise.

These external PS4 cooling fans attach simply through USB. Apart from external PS4 cooling fans, there are also vertical stands with fans, so if you want to mount your PS4 vertically, a vertical stand with built-in fans is the way to go.

How about charging two controllers while keeping your PS4 upright and cool? That seems insane, doesn’t it?

You certainly can! The amazing ECHAM Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim /PS4 on Amazon accomplishes precisely that, allowing your PS4/PS4 Pro to stand upright while charging two controllers; it’s a win-win situation.

Is A Cooling Fan Required For The PS4 Pro?

If your PS4 Pro does not overheat, you most likely do not need an extra cooling fan

The PS4 Pro features a more effective cooling system than the standard PS4. While an extra cooling fan may help your PS4 Pro last longer, if the system hasn’t shut down due to overheating, you generally don’t need to worry about having an external fan decrease the heat.

What Are the Best PlayStation 4 Cooling Fans?

  • PS4 LinkStyle Cooling Fan
  • PS4 Vertical Cooling Stand OIVO
  • Kootek PS4 Vertical Stand
  • PS4 KJH PSVR Multifunction Vertical Stand

PS4 LinkStyle Cooling Fan

If you have a standard PS4 and like to keep it horizontal, the LinkStyle PS4 Cooling fan is the 5-fan cooler you’re searching for. It comes with two bigger fans and three smaller fans. This cooling solution, located in the rear of the console and simply attached through USB, allows you to choose between three different cooling modes: Normal, Turbo, and Automatic.

Normal mode is appropriate for ordinary, not-too-intensive games; Turbo mode is good for epic, demanding games like Red Dead Redemption 2; and Automatic mode just turns the fans on and off based on how hot the PS4 is. If the temperature rises over 38°C (100.4°F), the fans will turn on; if it falls below, they will switch off.

PS4 Vertical Cooling Stand OIVO

Those wishing to conserve space by mounting their PS4 vertically should certainly consider OIVO’s vertical cooling stand. It is compatible with the PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, and standard PS4 models.

There are two cooling fans to keep your PS4 cool, but there’s also a galvanised metal bottom instead of the standard plastic base found in other vertical cooling stands, making this vertical cooling stand cooler than the others.

Not only do you get a cooling system engineered to reduce noise to as low as 50dB, but you also have two EXT charging connections for your controllers. Instead of requiring 4 hours to charge, the EXT ports should reduce charging time to about 2 hours. There are also excellent LED indicators that tell you when the controllers are completely charged.

If you want to keep your physical copies of PS4 games neatly arranged and close to the system, the games holder with 12 slots will come in handy. The vertical cooling stand is readily linked to the console using a USB connection included with the stand. Overall, this vertical cooling stand is unlikely to let you down!

Kootek PS4 Vertical Stand

This Kootek Vertical Stand is another excellent stand that not only supports the standard PS4 model, but also the PS4 Pro and Slim variants. To use it with your PS4 or PS4 Pro, you must first remove the Slim clip.

The vertical stand has three cooling fans as well as a variety of other handy features. Three more USB connections are included, as well as a twin charging station for your DualShock 4 Wireless controllers.

The dual charging station has indication lights that will let you know when your controllers are completely charged. Unfortunately, the vertical stand stops functioning when the PS4 is in rest mode or entirely turned off, so you’ll need to keep the console turned on to maintain charging controllers.

If you want more than simply a cooling solution, the Kootek Vertical Stand is a perfect alternative. It comes with a games holder with 12 places for your games.

If you possess a PlayStation VR, you may want to have a look at this one down below.

PS4 KJH PSVR Multifunction Vertical Stand

If you’re searching for a vertical cooling stand that also serves as an excellent PSVR setup, look no further than the KJH vertical stand. You won’t have any trouble putting either the PSVR CUH-ZVR1 or the ZVR2 processor unit into the slot. The VR headset may be mounted on the pole in the centre, and the hook linked to it can be used to hang your headphones.

The stand is intended for use with the PlayStation 4, PS4 Pro, and PS4 Slim, as well as PS VR and PS VR 2. There are two cooling fans, four USB 2.0 connections, and enough room to charge two DS4 controllers, as well as two Move Motion and Move Navigation controllers. The charging station is compatible with the PS4 Move (Micro-USB port model: CECH-ZCM2) as well as the PS3 Move (Mini-USB port model: CECH-ZCM1).

While it lacks the games holder that the other two vertical stands provide, it is still an excellent solution for individuals who want not just more cooling fans to keep the console working smoothly, but also a PSVR stand to conserve desk space.


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