How to Capture a Screenshot on a SAMSUNG Galaxy M11? How can I activate Screen Recording on the SAMSUNG Galaxy M11? How can I utilise the SAMSUNG Galaxy M11’s Screen Recorder? A guide to taking screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy M11? How Do I Save a Screen Action in the SAMSUNG Galaxy M11?

Simply Record Screen in your SAMSUNG Galaxy M11 to record the transitory material that shows on your display or to convey an activity that is difficult to express in words. Learn how to activate and utilise this fantastic tool. Don’t leave anything out! Capture the screen, save it, and then share it with your pals!

  1. Slide down the top bar at the beginning.
  2. Second, locate and choose the Screen Recorder icon.
  3. Screen recording will begin in less than 3 seconds.
  4. To write or draw anything on the screen, press the pen symbol, choose a colour, and get started!
  5. Click on the profile image button to add your picture to the display’s corner.
  6. To end the recording, click the stop tab, which is represented by a little square icon.

How Do I Capture a Screenshot on My Samsung Galaxy M11?

On the Samsung Galaxy M11, how can you take screenshots or record videos?

The ability to take screenshots, or capture in a picture what is on the screen at that same time on your Galaxy M11, is a vital feature nowadays in a mobile phone or tablet.

There are programmes that can accomplish this job, but thankfully, you do not need to install any more apps since it is built within the Android operating system.

When you take a screenshot, you can save that WhatsApp chat, Tinder profile, Instagram storey, Facebook picture, or video frame to your device’s memory.

As an alternative, if you’d rather capture what’s on your Galaxy M11’s screen, such as a video conversation, storey, web page or video segment from an online movie using the record screen guide, you may do so.

The One technique for taking a screenshot with the Galaxy M11 is as follows:

Follow these simple steps to snap a screenshot on your Galaxy M11:

Time estimate: 2 minutes.

1-: First, go to the screen where you want to take a screenshot of your Galaxy M11, whether it’s a web page, chat, or application.

2-: It is possible to use the Android native technique by simultaneously pressing the power and volume buttons down or the gestures system (if supported): swiping the side of the palm of the hand over our Galaxy M11’s screen until we notice a flash that indicates that the capture has been made. Depending on the version of the programme you have, this approach may not be accessible.

To take a screenshot using this gesture, you must first enable it in the settings. To do so, go to the settings, click on “Advanced functions,” and enable the option “Move palm to capture.”

3-: The recorded photograph is automatically stored in your mobile/cell phone’s gallery.

4-: Fourth step: Click on the clip you just produced on your Galaxy M11 to edit, crop, or distribute it to your contacts or via your favourite social network.

The second technique for taking a screenshot with the Galaxy M11 is as follows:

1- Navigate to the screen you wish to capture in your.

2- Click “Capture” in the notification bar.

3- The recorded photograph is automatically stored in your phone’s or tablet’s gallery.


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